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Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend so we decided this was a good time to start solid foods and let Nanny give the first meal. We weren't really expecting Josiah to like his cereal very much, but boy were we wrong! This boy chowed down! After a lengthy debate about the consistency of the cereal Nanny gently brought the first spoonful to his mouth and he almost grabbed the spoon out of her hand soon after. He ate all Philip had made and would have kept going if we'd let him. I think we just found one of his new favorite past times.

In Over Our Heads (and tires)
Well, we both managed to get stuck in the snow today. Our driveway has actually proven to be one of the most dangerous spots because we get drifts from multiple directions. Thankfully we have awesome neighbors that pulled Philip out this morning and me out this afternoon. Philip also made a friend after he got stuck in a drift farther down the road. Guess it's just one of those days. As Philip said, might as well laugh about it because what else can you do?
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6 Month Check Up
We had the 6 month visit this morning and, I have to say, we're getting better at these things. Josiah didn't pee on the nurse and we got through the shots with only him crying (and not for long). He's 26.5 inches long and 15 pounds 4 ounces right now. We didn't quite make it to double his birth weight, but the doc seemed to think that was fine. We haven't started solid foods yet because things seem to be working fine right now and I just don't want to, but I guess we'll have to start considering it if his weight gain slows any more. He's hitting all the developmental markers like starting to sit up with support, rolling over, passing objects from one hand to another and making a bunch of noise. Sounds like we're right on track.

Happy Birthday!
Today is Josiah's half birthday. Wow, 6 months has gone by really fast (at least it seems like it now...there have been a few really long days mixed in there)!

We went back to our old church this morning to attend the baptism of a friend's baby and then took Josiah to the mall to see the carousel. He loved the colors and flashing lights. I told Philip we needed to install one in the nursery. Nevermind that the thing probably costs more than our house. Maybe we could come up with a sob story for Extreme Home Makeover so they would make him a carousel room!

Josiah is learning how to play with a ball. Actually, he's just trying to eat it, but he's getting good enough with his hands that he can actually hold it sometimes. And he's rolling over much more often. Philip even managed to get one rollover on tape. We've been trying to do that for months and Josiah would just lay there as soon as the camera came out.

I'm still on the mend from the stomach flu thing I had this week, but thankfully neither boy has caught it. I still don't understand how Josiah stayed well, but we're continuing to thank God that he has. He has his 6 month check up tomorrow morning and I'll post his results.

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Be Careful What You Wish For
I've wanted so badly to have an evening to just veg out in front of the TV and do nothing lately. Well, I got my wish, but not exactly how I anticipated. I thought my stomach was feeling a little funny at MOPS yesterday morning, but I hadn't eaten breakfast so I figured I was just hungry. By the time I got home I was pretty sure that wasn't it and within about an hour I was REALLY sure. Turns out I caught the bug most of Iowa has. Thankfully Josiah and Philip seem to be feeling fine and I'm doing better this morning...just really achy. I lost over 4 pounds yesterday. It's amazing how much water weighs. Guess I'll be drinking a lot of Ginger Ale today to replace it all.

Good Gravy It's Cold!
Negative numbers on the weather report stink!

We have to start getting ready half an hour before we want to leave to go anywhere because it's so cold. The car has to be warmed for Josiah and he's got to be in a snowsuit and we've got to get all bundled up (sometimes Philip will actually wear a coat). The wind chill was something like 30 below zero last night...I'm pretty sure God didn't mean for humans to live up here. That said, we have a wonderfully warm house and the weather gives me an excuse to wear the cool scarf and hat I got for Christmas (thanks Ryan and Casey). Josiah loves the foo-foos on the scarf. Next to a sock, they're his new favorite toy.

We went to a Superbowl party at a friends house last night and Josiah did great! The tooth doesn't seem to be bothering him right now. He just wiggled and laughed on the floor most of the time. It's great to have our happy baby back. What was even cooler was some of our friends brought their new daughter and we are no longer the novice parents of the group. We were listening to them talk about the sleepless nights and weird cries they can't decipher and emotional rollercoaster stuff and we realized we had actually come a long way in the past almost 6 months. We kind of know what we're talking about now (until the next stage comes and we're clueless again)! It was a reassuring feeling.


And The Oscar Goes To...
Mr. Josiah Dean for the category of most dramatic midnight screamer.

Philip got all the new fire alarms up so Josiah spent his first night in the nursery last night. Wow, what a ride! We had decided to let him scream it out when he woke up unwrapped because I was getting up 2-5 times a night just to get him rewrapped. He wasn't too keen on this idea and screamed for over 3 hours last night (we finally just had to turn the baby monitor off because I couldn't take it anymore). I went from crying when I left him in the nursery alone last night to wishing we could drop him off at a neighbors' house this morning. To make the guilt a little worse he scratched his cheek up pretty badly during one of his fits and he had salt deposits on his ears from tears running down his face last night. Thankfully he doesn't seem to remember any of this now. He's happily playing and smiling while Philip and I are kind of dragging around from lack of sleep. Turkey.


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