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Pictures and video of Josiah, Oh My!
Well, you asked for it... Well, actually you didn't, but I know you were going to! I have finally taken the time to get some more (recent) pictures of Josiah up in the gallery. I also got the video we took down in Texas of his hair cut up. It is just a "hair" over 16 minutes long, so make sure you have some time before you start.

I hope you all enjoy these as much as we do!! Oh, please leave some comments as well! (here and on the pictures) We enjoy them as much as you enjoy the posts. ;o)

Video can be found here!


Rolling, rolling, rolling
He learned to roll last night! He doesn't know what to do once he's on his face and he won't do it again so Philip can see it, but he did it 4 or 5 times last night!

Friends in High Places
I never knew stay at home moms had such influential friends. Tom DeLay, Newt Gringrich and George Bush have all called this week, just to chat. Don't they know we're busy with poopy diapers and feedings? Thank goodness the elections are over so another dinner won't be interupted by a politician.

Josiah is coming so close to turning over, but just can't quite seem to get his head and his legs to move at the same time. I suspect he'll get the hang of it soon. He's getting stronger and likes to spend more time on his tummy and seems to get more vocal every day.

Not much else going on around here. Philip has been working hard to get our Christmas letter together (it's looking great!) and I'm doing a little painting. There certainly isn't as much time for hobbies since our family has grown!


The First Narnian Chili Pepper
We just got back from a week in Texas. We had a great time introducing Josiah to the family and enjoying the warmer weather. Josiah learned to sleep 9 hours in a row and talk while we were there! No one knows what he's saying yet, but he's very animated. Philip managed to get a recruiting job at LeTourneau for the week so we could go down...thank you sweetie! We drove down there and weren't sure how long it would take with a little one, but Josiah did great. He only added on about 2 hours so the trip took around 16 total. Not too bad. He seemed to regulate his feeding schedule to the gas tank so we didn't have to stop too often in between. We thought that was very considerate of him.

Mama picked out Josiah's first Halloween costume. He's going to be a bright red chili pepper. Our church is hosting an event for the kids around here with the theme of "A Night in Narnia" so we'll get to show off our little pepper there. I don't recall anything about peppers in the books, but I'm sure there had to be some somewhere.

Josiah also had his first haircut in Texas. Bompa worked his magic on a very wiggly little boy and he sure does look better. No more spit up in that long hair! Bomp said this was the youngest he had ever cut. Josiah did great until he realized we had woken him up and didn't intend to feed him right away. We'll get pictures up soon.


Date Night
We did it! It took weeks of prep time, but we finally had a date. Josiah had a great time with Connie (I don't think he noticed we were gone) and we had a relaxing evening. It felt so strange not to have him with me and I kept getting this horrible feeling that I had lost him somewhere. We bought a cell phone so we could relax in the fact that Connie would call us if anything went wrong. Josiah was a good little boy and Connie enjoyed spoiling him. We've decided she's Josiah's Iowa Grandma (she's practicing for when her kids start giving her grandbabies). We are very thankful for our church family!

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Little Boy Anatomy 101
When any part of a female's body suddenly disappears it's a bad thing. Apparently the same is not true for little boys. During a diaper change today I was nervous when I noticed part of Josiah's weewee was missing. My first thought was, "I left it here, so where did it go?" A few seconds later it showed up again and I took a deep breath and hoped that little trick was normal. I tried to call Philip to see if he knew about this trick, but since he was unreachable I had to call the doctor. I really was not looking forward to having to explain what I'd seen because I had this feeling that I was going to sound very naive. The nurse was very nice and told me it sounded normal and not to worry. When I was finally able to tell Philip what had happened he assured me that I had probably given the doctor's office a good laugh with that call. Who knew?

8 Hours!
Well, almost. We slept for almost 8 hours in a row last night! It's amazing how different the world looks after a full night of sleep.

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