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Winter is here. We're hitting the 20's tonight, had snow flurries today and I saw my breath. I wish I liked this weather better but it just doesn't seem to be growing on me. It seems so strange that I was picking strawberries and tomatoes a couple days ago and now it's freezing. However, I have found a good side to the colder weather...Josiah looks really cute in his winter outfits.

Our church had a chili supper at the park this past weekend (the weather was beautiful then) and Josiah had his first hay ride. He didn't seem to enjoy it a whole lot, but we got some fun pictures. Philip made sure we got pictures of him on the big John Deere tractor and rolling on the hay bales. Josiah is going through a smiley phase and will laugh at pretty much anything. This phase is way cooler than the shoot-poop-across-the-room phase!

Josiah very effectively kept an entire room of ladies from focusing on our bible study this morning. He was flirting and just generally looking really cute. Then came the burp. It sounds like something that should be coming from a 300 pound man and he's getting very good at it. He let it rip in the middle of our discussion and distracted everyone so much the leader had to ask us to get back on topic. That's my boy!

We had another awesome first this past week...almost 7 whole hours of sleep! It's only happened once, but it's given us hope that there are more to come. Our long stretch of sleep at night seems to be slowly lengthening and I don't feel so wiped out in the mornings. Yeah!


Josiah's Play Time
Well, Mommy had some errands to run this morning so Josiah and I decided to play some. Although I have been trying to keep current pictures up on the site I realized we haven't shot any video recently. Soooooooo, Josiah and I had a quick photo shoot. He really is cute!! Although he tends to start staring at the camera when you get close. Believe it or not he was really laughing just before. Don't believe me? Just look at the picture to the left.

Well, with all that said, here is Josiah at play!


Growin' Like A Weed
We're outgrowing more clothes every day. An outfit that fit last week was way too short by Sunday, but I hadn't noticed because I dressed him when he was sleepy and not kicking a lot. By the time we got to church he had those pants hiked up above his knees and I couldn't keep them down. It was a little embarassing because it looked like his clothes were shrinking on him. We are officially in 3-6 month stuff just for the length.

I'm trying to hit all the resale shops around to take advantage of the summer clearance sales. I'm hoping I'm guessing the right sizes for next summer. This is certainly the way to shop because we're getting clothes that are brand new for next to nothing. Guess other kids grow this fast too.

Josiah turns 2 months tomorrow. In some ways it seems like he's been here forever but it also feels like we just came home with him. I guess it's just that I can't imagine life without him anymore. He's getting a lot stronger just in the past week and is able to hold his head up really well and is trying very hard to turn over. He'll get there soon at this rate. He's also focusing on his surroundings a lot more. He saw his first baby this week and was fascinated by his face. He wiggeled all over the place so he could keep him in view. I've noticed he's touching his face when he gets tired and the movements are looking intentional instead of those jerky things we've seen up to this point. I'm just amazed at how quickly he seems to be getting control of his body.

I've been going to MOPS this month and have been really thankful for the help there. We talked about how you define yourself since becoming a mom...dishwasher, laundrey attendant, get the idea. It just feels like our lives have been totally taken over by babies and housework and there's no time for anything we used to enjoy. As thankful as we all are for our families there were teary eyes all over the room as we identified with this feeling. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. I still haven't been able to let them take Josiah back to the nursery. I figure one of these days I really should so I can sit through a whole 2 hours without a baby in my arms.

Philip turns 30 next Tuesday and we've been planning our first date night since Josiah came home to celebrate it. Dates take a lot more work now! A friend from church agreed to watch him next weekend so we can get out and Philip has been looking into getting a cell phone so I can relax and know we can be reached if there's a problem. We're both really looking forward to 4 whole hours of adult time!

Well, I'm trying to catch up on sleep today and Josiah just went down for a nap so I should too. Until next time...


Check Up
We just got back from a check up and Josiah is doing just fine. He's in the 90th percentile for length and weight and 25th for head size. I thought that was a little weird, but the doctor wasn't concerned. He's up to 24 inches long and 11 pounds 8.3 ounces as of this morning. He also got immunized for Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, Polio, flu, and Pneumococcal infection (thankfully they were in just 3 shots). He wasn't too happy and I'm sure he was pleased that he had already thought to pee on the nurse. I'm keeping him on Tylenol today and we're taking it pretty easy. He seems pretty worn out and fell asleep almost as soon as we got home.

We have a referral to a dermatologist for his birth mark, just to make sure it's nothing we should be worried about. Dr. Young (his pediatrician) said it will very likely fade over the next several years and looks like it's just a skin irregularity. As long as it isn't harmful to him we're not worried about it.

That's about it for now. I'm going to take advantage of this extra nap to get some sleep myself. Josiah decided that the day should start a little before 5:30 this morning. Let's hope that doesn't turn into a habit!


He's a Dean
Our first attempt with a bottle went great. We had been reading that we should make sure I wasn't in the room and Philip should make sure he held Josiah like I usually do and had something near him that smelled like me, etc. We'd heard babies can be really fussy about taking a bottle and were ready for him to refuse it...he didn't even hesitate. He sucked that milk down and started looking for more immediately like nothing was out of the ordinary. Philip just looked up at me and said, "He's a Dean, of course he knows how to eat!"


6 weeks old
Howdy! Josiah is going through a growth spurt right now. Every day we find another outfit that doesn't fit anymore and he's now strong enough to work his way out of the swaddle we put him in to sleep. Unfortunately he still doesn't have control over where his arms fly so he manages to wake himself up every time he gets out. We have a well baby visit next week and I'm sure he'll get measured then. I'm curious to know how much he's grown in the last few weeks.
Our major accomplishment for the last week has been staying on a least loosely. We're trying to get him used to eating and napping at certain times during the day because it really seems to help him sleep better at night. Usually. Some days are better than others, but we're getting there. He's doing much better with naps and typically only wakes up once a night. I'm finding the hardest part of the routine is that our day starts at 6am, even on Saturday. There is just something very wrong about waking up that early on the weekend. Thankfully we have a pretty view of the sunrise from the couch and we watch the trains go by across the fields.
I am celebrating today because it's time to start trying to introduce a bottle! Josiah turns 6 weeks old tomorrow and he's gotten the hang of nursing well so we don't have to worry that he'll get confused or something. I've been freezing milk in preparation for this day and get excited every time I put another bag away because I know that's another night feeding Daddy will get to help with! It will be really cool to watch Philip feed him and we're hoping the transition goes well so we can eventually have a date night again.
Well, I'm using up my time to get cleaned up and eat right now so I better cut this off. Philip uploaded a picture of J's roots for this entry. They are getting pretty noticeable, but are tough to get a good picture of yet. Hopefully this shows up ok.


Looks like Josiah is going blond. We've noticed his roots are coming in much lighter than his current hair color. He already looks a lot like his Daddy did as a baby and the lighter hair color will make them almost identical. I think it will look really funny in a few weeks when his hair is half brown and half blond!

We've been trying out a routine this week and so far it's working. I tried starting it last Friday and the day ended with Josiah and I both in tears. I decided with the baby shower and Philip's Mom here, it was not worth sticking to it over the weekend. So we started over fresh Monday morning. Josiah is eating better and we only had to get up once last night. He's not even throwing (big) fits at nap time. It's nice to have a little bit of a schedule back.

Our baby shower from church was Saturday and it was really nice. Philip's Mom got to come in for it and helped me take care of him, which was a really good thing because he decided to throw his first true fit in public. As soon as we got home he was fine. Josiah got some really cute outfits and tons of toys and books that we'll be using for years. I was excited because I've finally started fitting into some of my normal clothes again (yeah!) and had the chance to get out of sweats and get my hair done.

Well, naptime is almost over and and I still need to do a little cleaning. Better run.


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