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Happy Birthday to You!
Ok, we're a little slow getting this up here, but Grace had her 2nd birthday on June 2nd. She wanted a fish cake and have to love birthdays when they're that young and that's all it takes to make them genuinely happy. We spent the night eating pizza and cake, going 'fishing' for small prizes over the side of the deck, blowing bubbles and chasing balloons. She really doesn't care much about gifts yet and really didn't want anything except a big kid tooth brush, so that's what she got. She is now the proud owner of a Thomas the Train spinbrush. Memama got to 'attend' the party over skype and we had a wonderful, laid back evening.

2 Year Stats
  • Height: 32 inches
  • (if the predictions are correct that will make her about 5foot 3 inches tall when she's grown...she'll always be a midget)
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • Favorite foods: 'aaa sauce'
  • (apple sauce), cookies, pizza, chocolate milk, cheese
  • Funny sayings: 'Aaaaa Dejus'
  • (it's supposed to be 'dear Jesus', but it comes out sounding more like 'adidas')
  • Shoes size: 5
  • Clothing size: 18mo
  • Favorite color: pink
  • Weird talent: she can put her whole hand in her mouth
  • Can't go to bed without: 2 blankets, her pillow and her sippy cup
  • Favorite book: the kids encyclopedias or farm books
  • Favorite activity: coloring, taking baths, cooking meals for us with her play food
  • Favorite show: Curious George or Dinosaur Train


A Successful Trip
I realized today just how much my definition of a successful shopping trip has changed in the past few years. It used to require good weather, great deals, friends and maybe lunch out. Today I was thankful that Josiah didn't completely undress the mannequin and no one had a melt down. We don't attempt these trips very often (I can only think of 1 other time in the past 6 months), but Old Navy had a good sale and I decided to be brave. Here's how it went:

  • Arrive at the store as it opens in the hopes we can get done before snack time and so we can get back home before Kasia needs to eat or nap.
  • Successfully get all 3 kids across the parking lot without anyone trying to run away, only to find there are no shopping carts left so I get to haul the diaper bag, Kasia in a car seat and Grace around while we shop and pray that Josiah doesn't try to hide from me.
  • Look through the kids clothes, mentally figuring out who will be in what size in what season, while trying to convince Josiah and Grace not to take all the shoes off the display rack.
  • Stop looking at clothes to make Josiah stop trying to drink chocolate milk from an empty container someone left on the floor under a rack.
  • Apologize to other customers because Josiah threw his kaleidoscope toward them
  • (but not AT them, thankfully!).
  • Breathe a sigh of relief that a coloring table has been set up by the women's clothes and Grace wants to sit there for a few minutes.
  • Look through clothes while Josiah 'hides' from me under the racks and keeps begging me to find him.
  • Thank God that a salesperson finally had pity on me and found an extra cart. Josiah and Kasia sit in, Josiah wants to dance in it and had to be taken out so he didn't fall out.
  • Continue to peek over at Grace to make sure she hasn't escaped.
  • Convince Josiah that Daddy does not need a camo mini skirt.
  • Try to find clothes that I can nurse in, will hide spit up, poop, pee and 'boogies', and won't be pulled funny when I have to prop a child on my hip.
  • Mentally rationalize that I drove all the way over here and it's ok to spend $6 on a shirt for myself.
  • Have a 'discipline moment' when I have to ask Josiah if we need to go out to the car to take care of this because he's refusing to put the camo skirt back.
  • Realize that Grace has escaped and convince her to come 'hide' with Josiah under the racks so I can finish up. Instead they decide to be frogs and jump around me on all fours while salespeople laugh at us.
  • Decide we're done and better get out now.
  • Walk towards the register and realize Josiah has stopped and is taking all the espidrilles off a display with another little boy. Replace all the espidrilles.
  • Continue walking and look back to see a mannequin swaying and her swim suit bottoms falling to the floor. Say a quick prayer and thank God she didn't fall over! Remind Josiah not to touch ANYTHING.
  • Remind Josiah not to touch anything
  • (again) by the checkout lane. Of course he does anyway and I have to explain why we don't need a bouncy ball, a dog bone, key chains or buttons.
  • Get all the kids back in the car and head home to feed Kasia thinking, Wow, that actually went pretty well!


Even though it's not a common practice up here, we have had all of our kids dedicated to the Lord in church and this past Sunday was Kasia's turn. She looked beautiful in her pretty 'Aunt Sam' dress (Josiah said she looked like a princess) and acted pretty well during the ceremony, except for trying to eat Pastor Andy's mic during the prayer. She now has a certificate to hang on the wall next to the others. When I was talking to Josiah about what was going to happen early Sunday morning he was a little confused and asked if dedication meant that we had to give Kasia back to God so she could live in Heaven for awhile. I assured him that we would get to bring Kasia home with us!

Summer has finally arrived! It was in the 90s, sunny and no wind was beautiful! The kids got to swim in the wading pool and I got to enjoy a run and the wonderful feeling of being sweaty and coming into a cool house. I love summer!


Today was a whirlwind of life and adoption stuff and in the middle of it all I took Kasia to get weighed and found out she's losing weight. Despite all of my efforts to avoid this problem again after having fought it with Grace and trying hard to make plenty of milk so I could leave enough for Kasia while we're traveling, she's just not getting enough for some reason. Once again I'm frustrated that my body won't simply do something that comes so easily to most other people and in the midst of trying to sort out what to do I caught a glimpse of the sunset out our back window. One of the things we love most about this house is the amazing view of that sunset and tonight was spectacular. I stood at the window as the last bit of sun crept below the horizon and realized that if I'd been even a minute later I would have seen a pretty view, but nothing compared to the brilliance that was there while the sun was visible. I think God was speaking to me, reminding me that what we see of him now is only a shadow of what he really is. Right now I understand his plans and why he lets some things happen like a child, but some day I'll see the whole picture and it will make sense. Until that time I just have to trust that he knows what he's doing and that he loves me.

I've been freezing milk for Kasia for about 2 months now and, at the minimum, we calculated that I need enough for 2.5 weeks. That comes out to about 600 ounces of milk. I hadn't been keeping track of how much was out there, but since I now need to give her everything I have I figured I better see what we had. There is 599.5 ounces in our deep freeze. I don't think that's a coincidence and while I still don't understand, I will trust.


Kids Say The Darndest Things
I've been keeping a list of some 'Josiahisms' for a while and it's getting long so I figured it was time to share. Here's what we've heard come out of that mouth lately...

  • Why don't cows eat cows?
  • Is playing with play doh good exercise?
  • I want to save something to show Daddy tonight so I put it in my ear.
  • Wouldn't it be interesting if I was a human-brother and I had a turtle-brother? But I don't think I want a turtle-brother because he'd be slimy.
  • I want to be a fat ducker.
  • (This one took a little explanation. We were playing Duck, Duck Goose and he wanted to pretend he was fat by putting a balloon under his shirt)
  • Ok, pretend I have a tail and it's orange and I'm poisonous. Now eat me!
  • Me:Do you like sharks?
    Josiah: No, I don't like being ate.
  • I love carpet.
  • Are caterpillars not allowed on ships?
  • Mama, I'm a knight and I'm going to fight evil cabin boys attacking the washing machine. Come help, use this to fight them
  • (he throws me a play hamburger patty)!

Never one to be left out, Grace talks as much as Josiah does now...only we can't understand most of what she says. She has clearly learned to say 'Siah pushed me!' but we have to be careful because she sometimes yells it when she just wants to get him in trouble. My favorite phrase right now is "Dejus lub me!" (Jesus loves me).


Happy Mother's Day
Kim and I would like to wish Nanny and Memamma a very very very very very very very very very happy Mother's Day. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. ;-) Since we know that once you have kids, grandmothers would much rather seem them then you, we thought we would oblige.

I am pretty sure Josiah, Grace, and Kasia have no idea exactly what Mother's Day is, but they know the importance of having a loving mother and grandmother. So, they were very excited to let you both know that they love you as well. Aren't they adorable. :-)

Well, all the adorables (including their mother) are down for naps and I should be too. Just wanted to let you know we love you Memamma! We love you Nanny! Have a:

!! Happy Mother's Day !!


Nine years! How did that happen?
Believe it or not, Kim and I have been married for nine years today. I am not exactly sure how she has managed to put up with me for that long, but I am SUPER SUPER happy she has.

It has been amazing so far and I am eagerly looking forward to what God has in store for us in the future. I am sure there are even better things (can't imagine what they would be) awaiting us after we finish our newlywed stage, assuming that ever happens. ;-) So, happy anniversary to the love of my life. I am blessed to call you wife and our kids are blessed to call you Momma!

For a little more in depth look at this momentous occasion, I wrote a little more over on my parenting blog. Let me end with simply saying....

Kimmie, YOU ROCK!


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