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I guess he took the eviction notice seriously because he's on his way. We started having cramps this morning and they've gotten more painful as the day as gone on. They still aren't consistent so we might have awhile before it's time to go to the hospital, but I can tell you I WILL be using pain meds if this is just the beginning! Maybe he'll split the difference between Rachel and Kelly's guesses and come on the 11th.
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Eviction Notice
Ok, this kid has exactly 7 days to get out here, or else! He has outgrown his current house and I'm not sure why he's refusing to leave. I keep "scheduling" delivery dates by getting the house cleaned, making sure his room is ready, getting plenty of sleep...and then he stands us up. Philip has a theory that I've made it too comfortable for him by eating good and working out and trying to take care of myself. Maybe I need to switch to a diet of Twinkies and laying on the couch all day.

We have been getting tons of advice on how to get labor started. Everything from eating a plate of ribs to jumping up and down to drinking castor oil. I'm not a big fan of ribs, jumping would look absurd right now and I really have no wish to mess my GI system up by drinking oil, but I have been walking a bunch. I figure that's what they tell you to do in the hospital, right? We've also been praying that God would hurry this kid up, but God is a hard guy to rush. In the end I suppose Josiah will come whenever he feels like it. We're holding out a little hope that the full moon tonight will do something. I know it sounds weird, but there are statistically more babies born on full moons, so why not us?

So in the meantime I'm trying not to over analyze every little twinge, although that's really hard to do when we recognize things that are common precursors to labor. My GI system has been a little goofy, we've had more contractions and cramps, and Josiah has slowed down his movements. I'm working on a project for a Cedar Rapids school district fundraiser and it has been a pretty good distraction when I think I'll go nuts waiting to see if today is "the" day. Philip has finished the projects he wanted done before Josiah came (he made a stand for the bassinet that looks really good!) and is good about distracting me in the evenings. Mama and Casey will be heading up here Saturday and hopefully Josiah will get here soon too. I'm hoping by at least Sunday so I don't have to go through another Sunday of people asking, "So, you're still pregnant?"


The Count Down Has Started
We just got back from the doctor's with good news...he's started moving in there! I'm 1cm dilated and about 75% effaced, so things should start picking up from here soon. He guessed we'd be in the hospital within a week, which sounded great to us! We scheduled next week's appointment but told them we didn't have any intention of keeping least not in the office! I talked to Rachel last night and she decided the 10th was a good day for Josiah to come and he might just do it. Now we just have to be patient and try not to get our hopes up too much in case he decides to drag things out a little longer than the doctor guessed.

That's about it. I'm trying to be patient, but he's making it harder each day as he becomes more uncomfortable. He's not letting me sleep much and likes to throw all his weight as far as he can from my body, which really doesn't feel good. The doctor even mentioned that he seemed a little confused because he seemed to be trying to come out through my belly button instead of going down.


2.5 Weeks to go
I'm trying not to focus on exactly how many days he has left, but am not being very successful. I keep reading that the majority of 1st time moms actually go past their due date and I'm also trying to block that out of my mind. Then I read the section about what to expect after the baby is born in "What to Expect While You're Expecting" and I've decided I want him to teleport out of me.

Our visit went fine. Josiah is still measuring exactly where he's supposed to and we don't have group B strep (some virus that doesn't hurt adults but is bad for infants). Next week we get to see if I've started dilating at all.

Philip and I are trying to get stuff around the house ready for the big day. He's got a few projects to finish around the house and I've been freezing meals and trying to catch up on laundry. Our church is throwing a baby shower for us after J's born and we went to register last night. I'm sure we looked pretty funny standing in front of those aisles of baby supplies. We got there, all ready to start zapping stuff and then realized we really had no idea what we needed and what was just junk. I mean, how are we supposed to know which pacifier is right when there are 30 to choose from? If you read the packages they all make it sound like the others will cause your kid to have orthodontic problems for the rest of their lives. And who ever knew there were so many types of teething rings and baby bath tubs? Thank goodness we're breastfeeding so we could skip the bottle/formula aisle! I'm pretty sure at least 99% of the stuff in that department is totally unnecessary and I know we have what we need to clothe and diaper the kid, so I think we're good.

Today is my 10 year high school reunion and the day one of our good friends is getting married in DesMoines. We're missing both of them because I'm only allowed to wander about an hour from the hospital at this point. Of course there's little chance Josiah will decide to come today, but I'm wondering if we could have faked him out. Just pretended to get ready to leave town to see what happened. Hmmmm.


He's Done!
As of today Josiah is considered full term, even though he has 3 more weeks until his due date. He should be weighing in at about 6 pounds and by the way he feels, I'm assuming he's right on target. Since he dropped, walking for long periods has become a little more uncomfortable and getting to sleep has been harder. He's also at the perfect height to keep me from being able to sit close to the table while we eat and I keep running into counter tops because I forget that he's in the way now. Philip keeps giving him little pep talks, telling him to get out of there so his mom can be more comfortable, but so far he's not listening.

I've noticed that he seems to be very active while we're in church (guess who won't be sitting through a service for a long time!). He was kicking me so hard that it was hurting, but I found if I kept my hand pushed against my side he would quit. That worked until my hand started cramping and then Philip and I took turns pushing in on him so I could sit through the sermon. Something tells me this technique won't work once he's born.

Our next visit is Friday and should be pretty uneventful...just the usual weighing and measuring.


Geez, He's Getting Big
We had another doctor visit yesterday. From here on out we'll be going in once a week to see what Josiah is up to. He is in perfect position (head down and facing backward) and weighs about 5 pounds, so he shouldn't be able to move around too much. Dr. Getta is guessing he'll be born somewhere around 7.5 pounds. He showed us where all the body parts were and we were pleased to find out we had guessed most of them correctly. The arms and legs certainly aren't hard to find as Josiah insists on trying to punch them through my belly for big parts of the day. He's started to drop slowly, which I had just noticed yesterday morning. He's still close enough to my lungs and stomach that it hasn't relieved some of the discomforts yet, but hopefully that will come soon. Actually, I guess it has to since we don't have that long left. As of next week he would be considered full term, even though the doctor said he really didn't think we had any reason to believe he'd come in the next couple weeks. I'm thankful, as our doctor will be out of town on vacation. I realize doctors have to have lives too, but it seems like they could have them when I'm not due!

We had our last lamaze class this week and did a dress rehearsal labor. Philip promises he's not going to make me laugh in the middle of a real contraction like he's had fun doing in class. Even though he's had fun cutting up in class I know he's going to be great during the real thing. He still enjoys playing with Josiah at night (which means poking my belly) and has started having little talks with him about not kicking his mom's ribs and letting her sleep. We've been told that you can tell when a baby's sleep and awake times will be based on what they're doing right now. Currently, Josiah is wide awake from about 3-5:30am, which makes sleeping more difficult than usual. Just about the time he goes back to sleep it's time to get Philip up. He's been on this schedule all week and I got so tired trying to finish the grocery shopping earlier this week that I really just wanted to sit in the aisle and cry...but I was afraid someone would think I was in labor and freak out. I am so thankful I'm not working right now because I can usually take a nap in the afternoon to make up for his nightime escapades (which include head butting my bladder).

Guess that's about it for now. We're trying to make sure we've got things as prepared around here as possible and are enjoying having friends over since we won't be doing much entertaining for a while after he comes. I'm going to start freezing meals this week so Philip won't be left with all the cooking duty while I'm busy and I'm trying to wrap up all my little painting projects. Somehow I don't think I'm good enough to paint and nurse at the same time!


Blog Hijack
Hey everyone, Philip here. Figured I would hijack the blog while Kimmie is working and say hi to every one!! "Hi!"

Ah you wonder what Kimmie is "working" at, well I sneaked a quick picture to share with you. It is the one to the right. She is working on a name plaque for Josiah. It has his name, it's meaning and a scripture, 2 Kings 23:25.

"Neither before nor after Josiah was there a king like him who turned to the LORD as he did - with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength, in accordance with all the Law of Moses." - 2 Kings 23:25

Kim had the idea for the plaque a few weeks ago and we are just now having some time to work on it. Life gets a little busy now and again. Speaking of busy...

The nursery isn't 100% complete yet, but it is getting close. I went ahead and took some quick video to show everyone what it looks like. We are very pleased and thankful for the help the Grandparents have provided in furnishing it. Josiah has considerably better furniture than we do and about twice as many clothes. (I think Kimmie has mentioned that before) Anyway, the video can be seen HERE. If for some reason you can't see the video please let me know. There are some firewalls it won't play through but I haven't figured out why yet.

Well, I think that may be about it for me. We have been having a blast and have thoroughly enjoying sharing the experience with all of you. If you have a second please let us know how you are doing!

Type to you all later!!


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