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5 Weeks Left
Josiah will be here in about a month! I can't tell exactly how he's situated in there, but I'm pretty sure he's feeling as cramped as I am over-stuffed. ( Cramped video here) It feels for all the world like he's been trying to push his hiney out through my belly button for the past few days.

I actually got to lay on my stomach today! That might not sound like much, but it's been months since that was possible. Mama suprised me with a spa day for my birthday and the lady who did the pregnancy massage had cool cushions that left a spot for Josiah to hang down so I could lay comfortably. I also had a pedicure and manicure...I have the prettiest nails in Iowa tonight! Philip got me a chain saw for my birthday...the guys at work still haven't stopped laughing at him. Actually, he's been saving for one and just happened to get it that day, but he's having fun telling people and watching their reactions.

We got a bag of baby clothes from a friend at church last night and I'm beginning to understand why so many infant outfits end up in garage sales with tags still on them. This kid has more clothes than I do and that's saying something! He better not gain weight too quickly or he won't make it through all the outfits even once before he outgrows them. Guess that's a pretty good problem to have and it give me a little slack on laundrey.

Oh, I've noticed another weird response people seem to be having towards me now that J is really sticking out. Everyone seems to want to tell you exactly what they think you look like. Ordinarily it would be strange if everyone, including guys, kept telling you this, but it seems to be totally acceptable for now. Thankfully most of them tell you how good they think you're doing, but there are also a fair amount of "Wow, you're getting really big" and even "You sure you aren't having twins?" I realize they mean well, but it's still a little unnerving when people keep telling you how much weight you've gained (especially on the days when I feel as big as a house anyway). I just keep reminding myself that the doc says we're right on track and I can still finish my workouts, so we must be doing ok.


Doctors Appointment
We had an appointment this morning and Josiah is doing just fine. After our next appointment we start going in every week to get checked out until he comes. We found out I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for quite a while now. They didn't feel like I was expecting (just from what I've read) so I didn't realize that's what was going on. They do get a little annoying, but apparently they are useful to get my body ready for the big day.
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Week 34
Well, I think he feels big enough and the picture of what he should look like makes him look finished, so I wish this kid would come already! Patience has never been my thing.

We're doing fine. The last of his furniture showed up this week so the nursery is almost ready for him. We have enough onesies and diapers to clothe an army and the suitcase is packed. I'm really not looking forward to the whole labor thing, but I figure I'll just deal with it when it comes. Can't really back out now.

Philip is still having a good time poking him when he decides to try to push out of my belly. I think he gets lodged sideways in there sometimes because it feels like he's trying to escape out both sides of my belly at once. He's managed to get a few good kicks into my ribs in the past that hurts. And I've never had heartburn before, but it's a frequent visitor now as he continues to take up all the room my organs seem to think they should be in. However, except for these normal aches and pains he's been pretty good so far and things are going smoothly.

We had a good time last night watching the fireworks (the loud sounds didn't seem to bother him) at a neighbors house. We watched parts of 5 or 6 different towns' shows from up here. Can you believe we all had on sweaters and needed blankets because it was so chilly after dark? This Texas girl still finds the weather up here very strange.

That's about it for now. We (Philip and I) want to say a big Thank You to the grandparents who have helped us get his room all ready. Both sides have been really supportive and we're looking forward to letting you meet your grandson soon!


Just Another Week
Not much going on, but it was time to get another bump picture up. The rocker finally came so we've been testing it out in the evenings and it's really comfy. Josiah is measuring exactly where he's supposed to and is still keeping Philip entertained with all the weird things he can do to my belly. Guess that's about it for now.

Playing With Bouncy Balls
We had our lamaze class again tonight and Philip made a friend. His wife is due a few days before me and if we end up in the hospital together I'm fairly certain the 2 husbands will end up in the hallway playing with the birthing ball (just a big bouncy ball). We learned how to breath and some different positions for labor. Philip learned some different massages to help me through early labor (I keep trying to get him to practice at home, but so far not much luck)and we watched a video showing different women going through labor. I'm not sure why you would let someone tape you when you're sweaty, grimacing, and making very unattractive noises. You can be assured THAT video clip will never make it onto this blog!

We start week 32 tomorrow and I can tell Josiah is getting a little cramped in there because he doesn't move quite as much during the day. The movements he does make tend to hurt a little or make me catch my breath; we've come a long way from the fluttering feeling. We have a couple more classes scheduled this week and another doctors appointment. We also picked our pediatrician which is nice to have out of the way. It's a guy from church who Philip plays with in the praise band. His office is just a few minutes away (instead of 30 minutes for a doc in Cedar Rapids) and we both really like him.

I started taking inventory of all the stuff we have and got some of J's clothes washed and put away. Every class we go to gives us a bag of advertisements with freebies in it so I've been able to wash is clothes with baby detergent from those and I think we're getting a pretty good stash of newborn diapers. We're planning to use cloth, but we're both kind of stumped with them right now. I got a bunch from a friend but they're not the simple piece of cloth and a diaper pin like I remember mom using. Oh well, we have time to figure them out.


He's Got An Attitude
I meant to put this up a few days ago...Philip enjoys watching Josiah play around in my belly at night. It really is pretty cool because my whole stomach starts rolling and shaking. He'll even occasionally kick back at you when you push him around. So Philip decided to see what would happen if he talked into my belly...and got a big kick in the mouth as Josiah responded.

Babies 101
We've been to a couple pregnancy classes this week. The first was a one-time thing about how to take care of the kiddo when he gets here. I think we're ready to bath and swaddle him. The fake babies in that class were insanely heavy and I told Philip if Josiah comes out that heavy I don't think I can carry him around all the time. The class tonight was the first of our lamaze classes. We looked at pictures of what he's doing to my wonder things are starting to hurt. My poor stomach and bladder are getting squished into nothing and my intestines are just getting squished all over the place. Josiah's going to really owe me one before this is all through! However I was surprised to notice that several of the other women in the class tonight are a month or 2 behind us and just as big or bigger than me. I guess I'm not getting as squished as I could be.

I also got a new-mom hairdo today. I woke up and decided I was sick of long hair and had it all cut off about chin length. It sure is cooler and will be a lot faster to dry which should come in handy in a couple months.


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