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Josiah's 30!
We're down to 10 weeks! He's still growing (and so am I), but hasn't done anything too exciting lately. Actually, I'm sure he's doing plenty, just nothing we can see. We had a doctors appointment this afternoon and he's measuring exactly right and gave the doc a run for her money when she tried to hear his heartbeat. He doesn't sit still for very long and she had to chase him all over my stomach to get a good count.

I think he has hiccups quite a bit...either that or he has amazing drumming skills for a baby. He's still positioned with his head down. I'm hoping he stays that way for the rest of the time he's in there so we don't have to worry about a C section. I have a friend who had one today because of how her little boy was positioned and I'm hoping Josiah behaves better.

As big as my belly is getting I've still been able to help out in the garden quite a bit. The strawberries and spinach are going wild and will keep me plenty busy until he comes. I picked a garbage bag full of spinach last night. Can you believe it all cooked down to 4 little freezer bags by the time I got it processed? That always amazes me. We'll also start making our strawberry jam this weekend; thankfully that doesn't take as long to process. Guess what you'll be doing while I'm recovering later this summer, Mama!

Philip made a video of the mural and the crib that he'll be putting up here soon (he's working on it right now). One of the dressers should be here any day and we'll be ordering the other dresser and the rocker this week. We're both excited to have the room put together so we can see what it will look like. Here's what we got so far.

Still pictures of the mural can be found under "Baby Dean" on the gallery page. Or you can click here.

The video of the mural is also online now and can be viewed here .


The Baby Stroller and some video
Hey everyone, the "Dad" here again. We bought our new baby stroller today. Man these things are getting expensive!! Actually God blessed us with this one. Well, here is the run down:
  • 1999 Chrysler Town & Country Limited
  • 118K miles
  • Very clean interior, leather seats
  • Good transmition (as far as the scan tool can tell)
  • All sorts of fun little gadgets for me to play with
If anyone is interested we have some more pictures up in the gallery at: New Stroller

I know I am very very very late with this, but I finally finished condensing the video of the ultrasound. It is still very large (about 5 minutes) but better than it was. If it doesn't work please let me know; I will try something else. It can be viewed or downloaded Here (video).

Well, that is all I had for you all. I am sure Kimmie will have an update soon. We have been really enjoying watching Josiah deform Kim's tummy. It really is odd looking when he pushes out.

Kim just finished the mural this evening so I will try to get some pictures and maybe a video of it up soon. I haven't decided if I should wait until the furniture gets moved in or not. Let me know what you think!

Type to you all later!!


Members of the Minivan Mob
We're starting to really feel like parents...we (almost) own a minivan. We'd been looking, but hadn't intended to get one this quickly. However, Philip found a really good used one from another guy at Rockwell and it should be ours by next week. It's a Chrystler Town and Country with more gizmos and gadgets than either of us is sure what to do with. Neither of our current cars has power anything, so even the radio controls are a little overwhelming. It's very nice and we were excited to find a van we wanted that we could pay for without a loan. I'm excited that it has seat Texas folk probably wouldn't appreciate them, but they are awesome up here! God seems to be handing us exactly what we asked for.

We had an appointment today and we'll be going in every 2 weeks now. Josiah is doing great and I'm not anemic or diabetic...yeah! Our poor doctor looked like he had been up all night with another patient and was a little suprised when Josiah kicked him while he was trying to measure my belly. This kid can pack a real punch. Our workout routine is keeping me right on track with the weight gain, but the doc reminded me that he'll start growing like crazy here soon. I'm praying that he'll be a small baby and not take after his uncle Ryan!


Cravings and Cows
I keep looking down and getting suprised that THAT big belly is part of me. He just seems to be growing so quickly right now. He's starting to make sleep pretty difficult and I've noticed I get tired a lot easier than usual.
I realized last week that I hadn't made Philip go get any weird food because of cravings and my time was running out to take advantage of this rite of pregnancy. I decided I didn't want anything weird...just a big Pizza Hut pizza. We agreed we'd get it only if we both worked out this week, which was a good idea since those things are drenched in oil. Boy was it good!
The mural is coming along and, in keeping with family tradition, there is a smiling cow in the picture. Who knows how many happy cows you will eventually inspire, Mimi?
Here are a few more bump pictures (I think he's graduated from a bump to a hill) with heads included this time. To see them all click...



Almost to the 3rd Trimester
We start the 3rd trimester Wednesday and the little fella will just be working on gaining a bunch of weight (which means I will too). We toured both hospitals last week and settled on which one we'll go to and signed up for a bunch of childbirth classes. Thankfully there's a class about pretty much everything since we've realized we really have no idea what we're doing. We've both taken care of babies, but it's a lot different when you're the one in charge.

After trying out quite a few name combos I think we've come up with the one we like. It's certainly not engraved in stone anywhere, but we're trying out Josiah Matthew. We've started trying to call him that, but it's hard because we've called him Shem for so long. I checked out the name on the social security website and josiah has never made the top 100 names any year listed (since 1880), so we shouldn't find out when he starts school that there are 10 other josiahs in his class. That was one of my concerns with some of the names because I know how annoying it is to have multiple kids with the same name in one class (there were 3 Alyssas in one class last year).

The room is coming along and I'm getting anxious to get all of his stuff organized in there. We are supposed to have our suitcases packed and ready to go by the beginning of month 7, just in case he pulls a stunt and comes early, so it seems like we should be pretty close to having the room ready at that point too. I've also heard that a lot of women get sick and/or really tired again in the 3rd tri, so I want to get most of this work done now while I still feel good. Except for the fact I haven't slept really well in almost 6 months and I do get really tired if I have to stand for long periods of time, I feel really good right now and am enjoying being pregnant. I've even noticed that working out feels really good right now...not sure what that's about.


Bump Picture Four
Philip here... Kimmie thought it was time for another bump picture so I took one. (isn't she cute!) Hope you enjoy it.

Kim and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary today (it was yesterday) by a dinner, a movie, and planting a garden. I am SOOOOO glad she can still help me for a little bit longer!!!

I don't post on here much, but since I am now... This is so much fun! We watched Shem dance around inside Kimmie for a full 5 minutes last night. You set and look at it, and all of a sudden the whole thing starts moving!! it is Sooooooo Cooooool!! Being a dad is going to be awesome! Especially with Kim as a mother and wife!!


Prayer Tights
I learned a very important lesson today...regular tights do not work for pregnant women. I had a wedding shower to go to this afternoon and decided I could probably get away with wearing a pair of my regular tights as long as I kept them pulled up pretty far. I did ok through the shower, but by the end of it the poor things were stretched beyond recognition and I figured I better make a quick exit before they started falling off. Because I wanted to wear them to church tomorrow I stopped by the maternity store on the way home to get some tights that would actually stay put. Big mistake! As soon as I walked in Dillards I realized they weren't going to stay up even to walk through the store. It took a stop in the home, mens and womens departments to hide behind racks and yank them back up. Just walking to the maternity store I prayed SO hard that they wouldn't fall down around my ankles. I realized that I had a good chance to having to stop in front of a crowd of strangers and very obviously redress myself...which was horrifying and very funny at the same time because I kept imagining what their faces would look like. I made a hasty retreat back out of the mall, with stops behind every rack I could find, praying the whole way that God would not let those tights actually fall off. He came through, but just barely. Sometimes I get the feeling He's laughing at me pretty hard.
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