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2nd Trimester, Here We Come!
We started the 12th week today. I've had a few better days lately but still have to take it pretty slow. I managed to make it through a whole wedding and reception this past weekend! That's the longest I've been out of the house in weeks. We also had a chance to start looking at cribs and bedding and all that stuff.

There is a definite little bump now and my pants are all uncomfortable. I got my first pair of maternity pants today...they're baggy but they don't squish my stomach. It's a shame they don't make them without the goofy elastic waist because the rest of them fit way better than regular jeans.

Since the nausea has been getting more managable our biggest problem has been a lack of sleep. I've always peed as often as a pregnant woman it's just ridiculus. I can't sleep more than 2 hours at a time and it's catching up with me. Philip and I have decided I'm not a very chipper pregnant person. He checks in with me every day to see if this is the day I've started feeling great...sure hope it comes soon!


Saltines Forever
We just got back from our first real visit with the doctor. He seems really nice and was awesome to explain exactly what he was doing and what was happening with the baby right now. We feel pretty well-read because we already knew most of what he told us. Apparently I'm normal (who knew?)and things are going fine. We got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Wow, is that thing beating fast! It'll be another couple months before we get an ultrasound and they let you record it if you bring in a CD, so we'll post it when the time comes. It was neat to have some proof that Shem Deanie was really in there and makes the way I've been feeling seem a little more tolerable. We're on the countdown to 2nd trimester and things should be calming down a bit. Yea!

PS Our doc is Dr. Getta. Here's his site:


Takin' it slow
Life has been pretty slow around the Dean house lately. I am again grateful that I'm not working right now so I can rest a lot. I feel a bit like my body has been hijacked and I suppose it has. I'm tired without doing anything, but don't sleep very well. Foods that are delicious one day will make me sick the next. I get the overwhelming urge to cry at the stupidest things. And this is apparently normal.

Philip and I have decided there is something of a conspiracy going on. Before we got pregnant all we heard about was how exciting it would be and how much fun it is to be pregnant. But NOW people start mentioning that their wives felt horrible for months and still can't stand a certain food/smell/song because it reminds them of being sick. I've also noticed you don't see those horribly graphic pictures of childbirth in books or magazines about conceiving, but they seem to be everywhere now. Some things are best not photographed.

When I mention the conspiracy I'm told everyone was talking about the 2nd trimester. Guess they forgot to mention that before! Thankfully we are only a few weeks away from that and are both looking forward to me being a bit more normal. We've already planned our date to get Chinese food when I can eat normallay again. Philip has been amazingly supportive and helpful the last several weeks. With the exception of cooking eggs (that turned out to be one of those horrible smells for me) he has done everything he can to make life as easy as possible for me.


More Crackers
Oh bother, I just wrote this and somehow erased it all. Let's try again....

I've decided this child hates Wal Mart. The 2 times I've gone there lately have made me sicker than anything else so far. Not sure what it is about that store, but I sure hope this kid isn't a snob!

We are still batteling nausea. Dietary changes have helped a little. One of Philip's friends at work suggested tring motion sickness bands; apparently they helped her. So far no luck, but we'll keep trying them for a bit. I started a B6 regime today suggested by the doctor. Hopefully that will help some. So far the only thing that really seems to help is to spend the day sitting or laying down. Philip read that it really is a form of motion sickness because your body is off balance by all the changes going on. We can't see changes yet, but it does make some sense because I only get sick when I'm active.

We do know that something is pressing against my bladder because I have to excuse myself about once an hour. I haven't slept longer than 3 hours in over a week because of it. I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until after the kid was born...guess I'll be used to it by then.

According to the nurse all these things just mean that my body is progressing normally. I suppose that's a good thing and even though I don't enjoy being uncomfortable it is exciting to think about why all the changes are happening.

Philip isn't crazy about the nickname "Shem" (she/him) for the baby until we know what to call it. He's started calling it little Deanie. I mixed them and we came up with Shem-Deanie...kinda has a nice ring to it.


Lots of Crackers
We are about 2 months along and it's starting to sink in that we're really pregnant. I've felt sick for the last month or so and will be glad when this part is over. I've eaten a lot of crackers and Philip has had to go vegetarian since cooking meat seems gross right now. I've also had the strange urge to cry at sappy commercials...God has a sense of humor.
We've had fun telling friends here and have recieved lots of congratulations, advice, and support. We also had our first doctor visit this week. Philip and I went and got tons of info from the nurse and are scheduled to go back for the first big appointment (that's when we'll see the doctor and have a bunch of tests) later this month. Our estimated due date is August 16th.


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