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2010 First Quarter Report
Okay, so it has been a while since I have stuck my head in here. I expect all of you are wondering why I am here now. Well, I will tell you. I have some videos to share. I know it seems like it has been years since a video has popped up here. We have them, just don't manage to find the time to process them and share them. Well I finally took the time so here is a quick recap of the first quarter of 2010 - video style!!

We will start of with Grace going on a shopping trip. She still enjoys this, but not quite as much as she use to. For the most part, she has now moved up to showing off with her dinosaur. Yep, she does this a lot, the dinosaur is optional!! You would think that after a run like that she would be exhausted! Well, she was!! Okay, this was actually during our visit to Texas after we got back home from the zoo. Isn't she cute!!

Josiah, on the other hand, has really grown into his role of Big Brother. To be honest, both Josiah and Grace enjoy playing and talking to Kasia. Josiah is also slowly becoming more and more.... well.... acrobatic! Yep, we do this a lot as well. :-) He as also taken up bowling. Okay, okay, that was in Texas as well. He, Grace, and Merek really seemed to have a good time.

Not to be out done by her siblings, Kasia has mastered a few silly human tricks as well. I don't expect she did that one on purpose, but I am pretty sure the Get-Me-Off-My-Tummy was very much deliberate. She has shown no interest in actually getting there by herself yet. Can't really blame her though.

So, there you have it. What better way to spend a few minutes then watching adorable kids do adorable things. I am very glad you stopped by. If you can afford another 20 seconds let me know which video you liked best in the comments.


Easter Week
We're doing our Easter week lessons again this year, revised slightly to fit into the craziness that is our life right now. Each morning the kids get an envelope in their mailbox telling them what happened that day and a couple pieces of candy. I'll confess, they like the candy more than the letter, but once it's eaten Josiah helps me read his letter and we read the pages in his Bible that tell us about the days' events. Today was about Jesus seeing all the money changers in the temple so they each got a few coins to put in their piggy bank...pretty tame. Yesterday was a little more energetic as we celebrated Palm Sunday. They used the 'branches' we had made to reenact Jesus coming into Jerusalem. Kasia got to be Jesus coming in on a donkey (umm, that would be me...yes, my job is glamorous) while Josiah and Grace threw our coats on the ground for us to walk on as they yelled 'Hosanna in the highest!' We did it once and I thought we were done...until Josiah told me I had not made the correct sound with my feet to be a donkey and I had to do it again. And then Grace had to be the donkey, but for some reason her donkey was shaking a maraca. 'Baby Jesus' decided to fill her diaper, all while Philip watched us and laughed (he was correcting the destroyed Bible story cassette tape see at the right). I'm not sure the world is ready for our version of the Bible!

The Detour
Just when we thought life was going to settle down a bit God has sent us on a rather large detour. I won't go into too many details here because you can find them at, but we started the paperwork today to adopt a little girl from the Ukraine. She is 3.5 years old, just a month younger than Josiah and has spina bifida. She can stand with assistance, talk and feed herself. She is unable to walk at this time but we hope with some medical treatment she'd gain some mobility. We've requested more information on her, but will have to wait until we are officially accepted by Reece's Rainbow (the ministry she is listed through) to receive it. We were told to expect that we could be traveling to Ukraine by September to get her so this could all move very quickly. It's a bit overwhelming when we start to think about all that has to happen between now and then so we're trying to take it one day at a time and trust that God knows the plan, even if we don't.

We told Josiah what we were doing tonight and he was fine with it because she is old enough to not wreck his trains and likes the idea of getting to teach her to speak English. Philip and I have experienced just a tiny bit of what this process is going to take this week and decided that the only way we can approach this is to accept this little girl into our hearts and family right now. It's odd to feel that way about a child who lives thousands of miles away but God seems to be opening all the doors for her to join us so we will do our part to bring her home.

We want anyone who is interested to follow this journey with us (and PRAY for us!!!) at and we will make an effort to keep this blog devoted to what is going on with the 3 kids we have at home right now, although the two will overlap occasionally I'm sure.

So, I betcha didn't see that coming. :-)


Out Of The Snow And Through Missouri To Grandmother's House We Go
Whew! We just got back from a week in Texas to see family and friends and it went great. We drove 17 hours straight down there and, just for kicks, added 3 more hours on to the trip home by going down toward Austin to see friends. Through it all Kasia NEVER cried, Grace had a blast getting food all over the car, Josiah listened to some of Philip's old Bible story cassettes at least 20 times (they are incredibly cheesy but he loves them), I finished Kasia's quilt and Philip played with his new hands-free phone thingy.

It was fabulous to see everyone and introduce them to Kasia. We had a chance to visit my cousins' new church plant and play at the zoo and go bowling with Sam and Merek. Memama made sure the kids had all their special 'only at Grandma's house' foods and we all enjoyed getting to play outside each afternoon.

To top it all off we came home to NO SNOW!!!! Getting to play outside is helping to shed those couple extra pounds we gained eating such awesome food along the way. Thanks to Memama for letting us crash her pad again, the Erdman/Caffey crew for letting us invite ourselves and feeding us the best burgers/fajitas we've had in forever and the Snyders for taking such great care of 5 weary travelers. You guys are the best!


'Bess You!'
After almost 3 weeks of sickness I think we're finally in the clear! The 'little cold' that Grace brought home turned into a family affair that included sinus infections, sore throats, coughing fits and eye infections. By the end of it I'd gone to the dentist thinking I had a cavity, which turned out to be my sinus' pushing on a root, and Josiah's eyes had swollen shut, leaving them puffy and still bruised. But we made a whole day without anything gross coming out of anyone's nose or eyes, so I think we're gonna make it after all!

Grace has lost some enthusiasm for the potty, but is in a very polite stage. She walks around all day saying thank you, sorry and 'bess you' (bless you). Any sneeze, cough or even hiccup gets a 'bess you,' which is hilarious to watch when she's trying to 'bess' herself after each hiccup.

We've also been able to celebrate with some warmer weather! We've gotten above freezing each day this week so tons of snow has melted (YES!) and it's felt great outside. We've apparently broken all kinds of local records for most consecutive days below freezing and consecutive days of snow cover. It has felt like the winter that will never end and we're rejoicing at the warmer temps, baby lambs and sound of birds returning. We've still got a long way till summer, but it's starting to feel like we'll make it!


Oh, It's The Cold That Never Ends... just goes on and on my friends....

We can't seem to kick this cold! Grace brought it home about 2 and a half weeks ago and since then all 5 of us have gotten it. Grace had a sinus/eye infection from it, Josiah has an eye infection and Kasia looks like she's got one too. Philip and I have gotten over it once, only to get it again. I'm trying to sanitize everything possible, but it's feeling like an impossible job with 2 little germ-spreaders doing their best to cootie-ize our house. They're cute, but their personal hygiene could use some work. Please pray for health and parental patience!


Step One
It's been a rough week. All 5 of us ended up with this cold to varying degrees and we've been pretty much trapped because the few places young children can go in the winter are off-limits when their faces are oozing yellow boogies (sorry for that mental image). By Thursday I was beginning to feel like it would never end and Philip came home and announced the 4 Step Process to Make Winter A Little Less Dreary. Step 1: do the grocery shopping ALONE and he would introduce Kasia to a bottle. Step 2: go to the craft night at church ALONE. Step 3: first date night without a baby. Step 4: jewelry. I'll admit I felt naked without a diaper bag or car seat to lug around, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly! Kasia figured the bottle out by the second try and we didn't get called back home from our date. And the jewelry is beautiful! Philip picked out a diamonds and pearls earring/necklace set that is just casual enough to be worn with my work clothes (ie, jeans and khakis), but pretty enough to make me feel special. He is truly a wonderful husband!

And while this winter still feels like it will never end, we are slowly moving to warmer temperatures. This week we should be hanging out around freezing. We've been outside playing in the snow because it's 31 degrees, sunny with no's practically balmy! Grace is having a bit of trouble because the thinnest patches are up to her shins (the deepest are a couple feet over her head), but she keeps trying to tromp across the yard. It just feels so good to get outside!

For those of you will a little extra time, this is a short clip from dinner. I think it did every one a little good to get out and play.


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