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Flying the friendly skies...and the not so friendly security check points
Well, we're back home and starting to get back into our schedule. Grace had decided to start waking up at 3am...and then 2am...and then 1am. Not cool! Josiah decided his day started at 6am by howling for me. Doubly not cool! Both kids got put in their room across the house last night and left to play all they wanted at those horrible hours. Mama slept.

The kids were great little travelers. Our plane rides were pretty uneventful due to fun snacks and lots of DVDs (thank you again, Keri). The drive to and from DFW was a little louder because Grace is not a fan of her car seat, but that's still better than having her yell in the plane.

Flying through an international airport is always interesting, but doing it with 2 young children was really a trip! Once again I was treated like a terrorist because I had the audacity to have a fuzzy blanket, sippy cup and stroller with me (yes, they actually checked the fuzzy blanket for...bombs...drugs..who knows?). And not one person out of the whole investigative team offered to help me reassemble all my stuff that they had taken apart or help get the crying 2 year old (who was crying because the lady took away his fuzzy blanket) back in the stroller and get his shoes back on...while holding a newborn who was ticked because she was hungry and had been stuck in a line forever. Isn't it amazing that the hardest part of traveling with kids isn't the's the adults. Thankfully we ended up with the world's best stewardess who walked Grace up and down the aisle while I got a cup of coffee and wonderful passengers who made finger puppets for Josiah.

Josiah had a great time getting to play with his uncles, seeing giraffes at the zoo, learning to eat yogurt ALL BY HIMSELF (yeah!) and loading up on goldfish crackers. And after a week away from his Daddy, he's not letting Philip out of his sight. Neither am I. It's good to be home (which I should mention is spotless because of my awesome husband!).


Off We Go
Alright...bags are packed (minus a blanket that's being washed because it was peed on last night), kids are dressed, everyone is fed...I think we're about ready to head out. We figured out last night that Josiah does not have molars coming in, he has hand, food and mouth disease. Oh yea. It's just a virus that makes little blisters in his mouth and maybe a rash on his hands and feet...and generally makes him feel pretty rotten when he's not distracted. All we can really do is treat symptoms so the carry on bag is full of Advil, Tylenol, soft snacks and disinfecting wipes. Please be praying for us.

Things I Never Dreamed I'd Say
Mothering isn't exactly what I thought it would be 3 years ago. It's way better in some ways and, well, more challenging in others. On those challenging days I've noticed strange sentences tend to come out of my mouth...things I never dreamed I'd say or just thought I'd never HAVE to say. Here's a list I've been keeping:

-Don't poop on the couch.
-Don't pee on my shoe.
-You have to eat something besides pepperoni and red beans for lunch.
-Don't sit IN the toilet.
-It was a good night...we only got up 3 times.
-Don't do that with your weewee.
-Don't lick the snow shovel.
-Don't play on the tractor naked.
-Don't eat the bar of soap. No, it's not a hamburger.
-Wave 'bye bye' to the hardware store.
-Don't eat foil.
-Don't play with your poop.
-Don't feed pickles, Cheerios or dinosaurs to your sister.
-Hold still so I can get that booger.
-Don't take a nap on the coffee shop floor.
-Don't eat frogs...or grasshoppers...or anything else that jumps.
-Don't drink the bubbles.
-You can watch Barney if you'll just stop whining.
-Don't stick blueberries in your ears, do lord of the dance on the coffee table, call anyone 'booger face,' paint the house with baby formula and poop or throw cottage cheese out of our basket at the store.

Ok, I haven't actually had to say the last one, but that's a list of his friends recent antics, so it's highly possible.


3am Date
Ok, so Grace has continued to sleep in the kid room, but she now seems to want to get up at 3am each night. We have no idea why. Even weirder is that while she's screaming her protests Josiah manages to not hear a thing. She still hasn't woken him up. I don't know what his secret is but I sure wish he'd share. We've been checking with him to make sure she's not bothering him. Sunday morning he said she was, but when I asked what she'd done he told me she'd been playing in the living room at night! This morning we asked him how she'd done and he said she'd had sweet dreams. Actually she hadn't (but apparently he had) and I'd let her scream it out from 3-4:45...a little closer to where she should be getting her first round of breakfast.

We're starting to get into travel mode. The kids and I will be heading down to Texas on first traveling adventure with 2 kids alone on an airplane. Should be a blast. I've started stocking up on fun snacks for Josiah and we'll be borrowing a DVD and tractor video from friends (You rock, Keri!). I started thinking through what I need to (hopefully just one), carry on, 2 car seats, stroller...and then realized I didn't actually have 14 hands. We're borrowing a car seat for Josiah from my cousin (you rock too Shannon!), so maybe I can manage to carry all the rest of the stuff. My plan is to dress the kids as cute as possible and for me to look a little pathetic. Maybe this will make people feel a little bad for me and they'll be nice and helpful!


Two's Company
Grace slept in Josiah's room last night! Woo Hoo! We were babysitting Becca and needed to put her to bed here for a bit and decided this was as good a time as any to try out Grace in her real crib. Josiah didn't care that she cried for a while when we put her in there and she didn't care that he talked for almost an hour after we put him to bed. He didn't even wake up when she cried at 4am for her feeding. Except for me falling over legos as I tried to get to her this morning, everything went pretty smoothly. Yeah!

Retail Trauma
Jean shopping...2 young children...rain...ugh. I thought I was being brave (I was stupid) and refused to accept that moms must wear horribly out of date and ill fitting clothes because they can't shop with their children. I've lost most of the baby weight so I'm down to one pair of jeans that fits and they were the only ones that fit most of the year before Grace came, so they're looking a little rough. 24 pairs of pants later, a million 'I NEED to get out of the basket' s from Josiah and a throbbing headache and I found one pair that might fit. I say might because I was trying them on so fast I couldn't actually be sure. I grabbed a couple shirts on the way out and was feeling stressed but triumphant that I at least wasn't going home empty handed again...until I went to pay for them. I hate paying full price for stuff, especially clothes because there's just no need. I was even in a resale store, but the total was still higher than I expected. So the result of my bravery? A head ache, feeling fat, spending more than I wanted and pants that might fit. I love my children, but they make life tough.

On a much cheerier note, AWANAs started last night. Philip is still helping out and taking Josiah, but I'm staying home this year with Grace. It was great! It was almost like having 3 hours to myself. Gracie napped or played most of the time while I munched on popcorn and sewed. Philip seemed to like his group and Josiah got to play with cars in the nursery and stay up late enough to see the moon and stars...I like Wednesday nights!

PS Wow, a rough day got rougher when I got sick and ended up showing up at a friends' house for help until Philip could get home. But we did have a bright spot in the day...Gracie rolled over and laughed for the first time this evening. Go girl!


Whoopee Badge
Favorite books come and go, but Josiah always returns to his Adam Raccoon books. He's heard them each about a million times by now and frequently quotes them as he goes about his day. In a moment of creativity I asked if he wanted a badge like Adam gets in one of his books (King Aren asks Adam to be his deputy and tell the the other creatures in the forest about him). Of course he did so I made one out of the card stock I was working with. He named it his whoopee badge because Adam says 'Whoopeeeee!' when he gets his. We've been through 3 badges already because 2 year olds aren't easy on them (I suspect I'll be making another after nap time) and Thomas has a mini badge that he wears as he goes around his track. Mrs. Amy at the library got to find out all about Adam because she asked about the badge and even Gracie has had a badge.

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