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Potty Time
We just had our first experience on a potty chair and it was...well...interesting. We picked up a training chair and some underwear with cars on it today and Josiah was very excited. He wanted to try out the chair (I'm not brave enough for the underwear just yet) so I stripped him from the waist down and let him play on it while I tried to explain what he was supposed to be doing. He was having fun posing for pictures when all of a sudden he jumped up, in mid-pee, and ran over to see himself on the camera...and proceeded to pee on my shoe. We did succeed in getting about a tablespoon of urine in the pot, so I guess that was pretty good for the first time!
One success! We actually hit the target and had enough to flush in the big potty! This was big stuff and we were still cheering as Philip walked in from work. Part of me wants to believe my child is a potty training prodigy and the other knows it only happened because Josiah wants to go to the potty every time I have to and well, I'm pregnant, so that's a lot! However, I'm sticking to the prodigy theory until proven wrong (probably sometime tomorrow).


Only 5 more months
Only about 5 more months before it'll be warm enough to play outside again...oh geez. My 'what to do with a toddler all day' idea bank ran dry so I googled a little before he woke up this morning to get ready for the day. We ended up bowling in the kitchen with pop bottles and paper towel rolls, making muffins, coloring, taking down the Christmas tree and braving the cold to play in the snow. He had no idea why I kept giving him a ball to bowl he spiked it and then ran through the pins screaming until he begged for 'mo mo (more).' We did this for about a half hour and then periodically throughout the rest of the day. He loved being in the snow once we found his gloves and didn't seem to mind at all that his mom didn't have a nice water proof suit to wear. Even though they were cold he still ran straight for his rocks and I enjoyed watching him because he couldn't bend in the snow suit so when he fell over he made an upside down "V" with his head stuck to the ground. He couldn't move and just sort of moaned until I helped him up. It was hilarious.

It's a Girl!
We had our ob visit today and this baby is as active as Josiah was (and still is!) and gave the doc a hard time while he was trying to find the heartbeat. He thought I was measuring a little small and wondered if we'd gotten the date wrong so we had an unexpected ultrasound. Turns out the kiddo is just hiding behind my pubic bone and is right on track. Also turns out I was right and the kiddo is a girl. We're pretty sure her name will be Grace Elizabeth. She seems to be doing just fine and we got some good pictures of her. We'll have the 'real' ultrasound in 3 weeks and let the doc get all the measurements and stuff he needs (she's still too small to get what they need), although we did get to see her heart beating and she gave us a big yawn while we were trying to see her face. Her doting father made sure to point out that her face 'looks like Skeletor.' I'm not saying he was wrong, just not what you expect to hear.

The realization that we'll soon have 2 kids has been hitting hard lately and scaring me some. On a recent shopping trip with Mama we saw a newborn and she got all gooey and I felt guilty for how much I didn't want to go through that stage again. Seeing Grace today reminded me why we're doing this and that we'll get through another sleep deprived year.


Catch Up
Wow, it's been awhile. We've been on the road for over 2 weeks and are still trying to recuperate. We had a great time seeing tons of family, eating way bad for us food and sleeping in instead of working out. It's a good thing the holidays don't last any longer or we wouldn't fit into any of our clothes!

Over those 2 weeks we spent over 30 hours in the car with a 17 month old and...get this...never had a crying spell! An amazing friend loaned us a DVD player (which we will be investing in for next year) and Josiah watched countless hours of a John Deere tractor video. We know far more about tractors than we ever wanted to, but it was worth it. All those prayers paid off and we're so thankful.

Josiah got the hang of opening presents by the 3rd Christmas. He wasn't nearly as interested in the contents as he was the wrapping and getting to throw all that paper in the trash bag. We've been working on teaching him to help clean up so now any time he sees something that doesn't belong somewhere he gets upset and says 'uh oh' and wants to fix it. This is great when it's wrapping paper, but he was constantly vexed by the dog food Mama's dogs would knock out of their bowls.

I can't begin to keep up with all the new words we've been hearing lately. Josiah seems to learn something new every few minutes lately. Grandmama comes out 'Memama' and thank you is something like 'dadoo.' He's suddenly started doing animal noises and it's hilarious to hear him do a chicken and a donkey. He learned what a cookie was over the break and has been walking around the house the past 2 days since we returned saying, 'Memama...cookie.' He played with some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Mama's so I've been working on 'cowabunga' and he tries so hard to say it, but we still have a ways to go.

Hermie has popped out and I'm definitely in maternity clothes now. I've actually lost track of how far along we are...guess I should look that up. I've felt a few kicks lately and she's kept me guessing as to whether we're done with morning sickness or not. It comes and goes and has brought some pretty horrible heartburn along with it. Ouch! Our next appointment is tomorrow.

Time to turn in for the night. I haven't had a full nights sleep in several days and really need to finish finding the house after unpacking. Sure hope Josiah's in a cleaning mood tomorrow.


It's Melting
A little of the snow/ice melted yesterday! I'm so happy. It was beautiful, but I'm still not really a fan. Whoever thought up global warming obviously has never spent the winter in Iowa.

We're heading out today for our 'trip around America.' We'll spend a couple days in Illinois, a couple in Tennessee and then the rest of the time in Texas. It should be interesting to log that many miles in a car with a 16 month old. I have a DVD player and snacks and have been praying...guess we'll just take it as it comes and get through it. Maybe he'll surprise me.

We need to add another gross non-(human)food product to the list of things Josiah has eaten. We were visiting a friend this week and he disappeared and got a little too quiet. I found him in front of the dog bowl with kibble in his mouth. It was nasty, but after the grasshopper it didn't seem so bad.

I still have a lot of packing to do; better get with it. It'll be nice to get out of Iowa for a couple weeks. The primaries are 2 weeks away and the politicians are about to drive us crazy. We've talked to the Obama and Ron Paul people so much I feel like we should be sending them Christmas cards. Don't have any idea why we're on their lists, but we can't seem to get off. I might seriously think of voting for someone who promised not to do commercials or phone calls.

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We Made It!
Whew, that was an exhausting day! We had our neighborhood open house this afternoon and a church Christmas party this evening and just got the house cleaned up and Josiah to bed. It's only 8pm and I'm ready for bed.

I've been cooking cookies for the past few weeks in preparation for today and realized when I took them all out of the freezer that I had a LOT of cookies! Philip was kind enough to say, "I didn't say 'I told you so," which is, of course, the same as saying 'I told you so.' Then everyone else brought goodies and left them and we ended up with even more cookies than we started with! We'll be pawning them off on everyone who doesn't run away this week. I'm hoping the senior center will take some and maybe P's coworkers won't mind eating a few dozen. Live and learn.

The open house went really well. We had one new family show up and another family that was new to everyone but us. We had no idea if anyone would show, so we were really glad. Our intent was to get to know our neighbors better and hopefully share our faith. I know we did the first and am hoping somehow the second as well. Josiah did really well with so many people in his house and it helped that everyone kept sneaking him bits of cookies and brownies. The kid may be on a sugar high for a week, but he seemed to enjoy himself.


The Bump
Even though I'm still pretty much in that in-between stage where maternity and regular clothes just aren't the same shape I am, the bump is certainly growing. When I wear something that has some shape to it (which is hard right now because those kinds of clothes don't seem to fit), it's getting obvious. And thank goodness, the morning sickness seems to have passed for now and I'm almost over that cold. I sure feel better than I did this time last week!

We are in the middle of another ice storm today and I've been watching the trees out back get more weighed down. We're really hoping not to lose a bunch more of them this year. Hopefully all the weak ones were taken out with last years storm. Josiah doesn't seem too impressed with the white out and thankfully isn't old enough to beg to go out in it. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a scrooge when it comes to getting cold!

Assuming Julianne can drive over tonight she's coming to help me bake the end of the cookies for the open house this weekend. I think we're about ready and it should be interesting to see who comes. We don't actually know a lot of our neighbors because of how spread out we are so we're hoping some will be adventurous and come over. If not, we'll be eating Christmas cookies for years!


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