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Comin' Back
Philip and Leeza should be on their way home this week and it's time to start making the move back to this blog since the adoption is (almost!) over. I'll keep this short since I've got the 3 kids here alone and down time is pretty much non-existent, but something funny happened yesterday that I don't want to forget...mainly so we can laugh about it later when Kasia's old enough to realize what her older brother called her.

(at a picnic table at the state park)

Josiah: Mama, there's an animal crawling around over there, but it doesn't look like a squirrel. What is it?

Me: Probably some kind of rodent.

Josiah: What's a rodent?

Me: A small animal.

Josiah: Like a lady bug?

Me: No, rodents are mammals.

Josiah: Is a caterpillar a rodent?

Me: No, mammals are hairy sort of like caterpillars, but they're a little bigger. So a rodent is a small mammal that's hairy.

Josiah: Oh, like Kasia.

Yep, he called his sister a rodent.

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Were are we?
Just to let those of you that follow this blog know as well, we are over at our Adoption Blog giving regular updates. If you don't follow that one you might want to for the next few weeks. Life has gone a little nuts now that we are officially eight timezones further east! See you there!!
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The Week in Review
Monday- Josiah comes home and the bickering returns. There are advantages to only having one child who can talk in the house. :)
Tuesday- babysit for a friend and inadvertently teach her daughter to climb out of a crib. I'M SO SORRY!
Wednesday- get 10.5 inches cut off my hair and get to sit still for an hour. Wonderful!
Thursday- all 3 kids get to swim in a real pool together for the first time. Josiah did great paddling around, Grace wasn't so sure and Kasia tried to drink all the water. We also received word that our dossier was submitted for Big Grace!
Friday- tried to help Philip by moving one of the cribs into the new kid room, only to realize I had to totally dismantle it to make it fit through the doors. I had 3 little very eager helpers and we almost got the whole thing reassembled by the time he got home.
Saturday- Philip got more of the wood shed built and Josiah got his first big-kid bike. Some wonderful friends dropped it off for him as a special surprise and he learned how to ride it in one afternoon. He's so big!
Sunday- left church in an embarrassed hurry after watching helplessly as Josiah decided to do a victory lap around the sanctuary during the final song. There wasn't much I could do but wait until he finished it and endure the surprised faces of friends. Parenthood is humbling.


Time to Come Home
Josiah has been with Nanny and Papa visiting some family for several days...and it's time for our little dude to come home! From what we've heard he's had a blast playing with cousins and getting lots of attention. And in his absence Grace has had some extra snuggle time and been able to take over some of the 'big kid' responsibilities, like turning off the TV and lights. I think the major perk for Philip and me has been the realization that without a 3 year old to wake them up, the girls will sleep an extra hour or two in the mornings! Bliss! We've both been amazed at how much easier everything is with just 2 kids. I can't count the number of times I've had people tell me that after the first 2 kids any others just seem to fit right into your schedule and aren't as big an my personal experience, and after this week, I can say that this has NOT been our experience! Don't get me wrong, we love our 3 (soon to be 4), and wouldn't change the size of our family if we could have a do-over, but life certainly runs at a different pace with just the 2. Even with that, we'll be expectantly watching the driveway this afternoon, waiting for Josiah to return. Sometimes bigger, messier, louder and crazier is better. :)

Catch Up
It's been a while...we've been a little busy! We've survived the last fund raiser, the dossier being mailed, 2 ear infections, 2 mystery virus', the AC breaking, a birthday, moving all the furniture around in the house and topped it off with a midnight trip to ER last night because Grace had a bad allergic reaction to something (we don't really know what). I am now the proud owner of an epi-pen and a kid who looks like she lost a boxing match. We've had plenty of blessings and joys mixed in with all of this, but it's taken a toll and we're just trying to recuperate this week.

So here's a quick up date:

Kasia: can sort of sit up, has 2 teeth, has a pretty interesting hair do with brown tips and blond roots, loves solid food, has gained weight (yeah!) and learned to eat Cheerios by herself this week.

Grace: has suddenly become very girly and loves pink, bows and dresses. She loves to 'cook' meals for us with her play food, insists on carrying all of her sippy cups with her everywhere she goes and likes drawing pictures for me. And she adores dancing to the Belly Button song and singing 'This is the Day' with the Veggie Tales CD.

Josiah: has gone through a growth spurt and seems so big! He went through 2 shoes sizes last week, is trying to tell jokes, taught Grace all the words to 'This is the day' one night while they were supposed to be sleeping, can still eat his weight in strawberries and insists on wearing socks all the time, regardless of how hot it is (although I won't let him wear them with sandals because that's just not cool).

PS We still have tadpoles living on the kitchen island and one of them grew front legs today! Hopefully we'll be able to release them soon. :)


Things I've Learned This Week
  • Water colors are hard to get out from under finger nails.
  • Tadpoles will not eat kale or cabbage.
  • It's dangerous to trust the fashion advice of a 3 year old.
  • Water buffaloes apparently hatch from eggs.
  • It's hard to stay grumpy when singing a song about your belly button.
  • It is not a good idea to let your kids stand in the middle of the raspberry bushes during mosquito season. They are now polka dotted.
  • The kids are fascinated by headless mannequins. Have you ever paid attention to how many of them there are?
  • 3 children can somehow wear 9 outfits in one day.
  • There's a rooster at the CSA that's taller than Grace.
  • My entire family can sleep through a fire alarm going off. This concerns me a little.
  • My little girl is growing up...she now has stinky 'big kid' poo from eating solid foods and had her first hair cut today
  • (her bangs were in her eyes).


What We Love
This has been quite a weekend! You can check out the adoption blog for the details (, but in a nut shell we, with a LOT of help, pulled off an enormous garage/bake sale yesterday. It was successful and exhausting. And then we woke up and it was Father's Day. When your oldest child is not quite four it's pretty much up to Mom to arrange any kind of celebration for a day like this and I'm afraid I let this one slide with everything else going on. We're planning to pick another day this week and do something purposeful to show Philip how much we love him, but until then I thought I'd post the kids' answers to the question, "What do you love about Daddy?"

Josiah: "I love his hugs. And kisses. And when he let me stay up late because I couldn't fall asleep. And that he makes (paper) airplanes and birds for me."

Grace: "I like tickles. And carrots. And Daddy, I like Daddy."

I'm not sure what carrots have to do with Daddy, but she likes 'em! I love that I have 2 little kids who didn't need any time to think about what they loved about their Daddy because he is such a part of their lives and shows his love for them every day. He is one of the most hands-on Dads I know and I'm continually grateful for him and the example his Dad provided. My prayer is that Josiah will one day grow up to be a man who tries to be as good a father as his Daddy was...just like Philip is doing now. Happy Father's Day!


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