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Temper Tantrums and Teeth
I think the presence of so many grandparents and visitors lately was masking the arrival of the tantrums, but with the house quiet again it's obvious...they're here. So far we've only had screams and kicking feet, but I get the feeling it'll get worse before it gets better. We're doing a combo of ignoring it and spanking, depending on the circumstances. I guess this is just part of growing up, but it sure is embarrassing. Along with this he's also testing some of the limits he accepted a few weeks ago. He's very purposefully touching the TV and things on the coffee tables to see what we'll do. He got smart recently and tried touching with a stick or a book instead of his hand.

A 3rd bottom tooth is coming through and it's hard to tell how many top teeth he has because when I try to look he clamps his mouth shut. This is making tooth cleaning very difficult. I think we're up to 7 or 8.

His walking has gotten so much better and he can really move now. He runs sometimes, but I don't think it's on purpose. It looks more like creative attempts not to fall. I think it's funny that people kept telling me how much our lives would change when he started walking. Nothing really changed except the size of the bruises. We chase him as much now as we did when he was crawling. I'm thankful it wasn't the horrible adjustment we were being warned of, but it makes me want to thump a few people for making us worry.

We went back to the nursing group at Mercy this morning and it was funny to see how tired and unprepared the moms looked (only because I'm sure I looked the same way a year ago). It reminded me how far we've come and made me very grateful for a baby that sleeps through the night and responds with something other than poo and cries. This is definitely a better stage!


Happy Birthday
Our little guy partied hard and we've been having a good time playing with Grandmama and Nanny and Papa. We had a quiet day Saturday (on his birthday) just hanging around the house and had friends from church over Sunday to grill out and celebrate with us. It was a lot of fun and Josiah seemed to enjoy all the activity...and the cupcakes. We had regular ones for the guests and a healthier version for Josiah, which seemed to be a hit. He makes quite a mess with them, but I guess that's the point.

Josiah got lots of new books from Grandmama and Kelly and Rachel and cool blocks from Nanny and Papa. We decided with the new toys we should really get his closet organized so he can start learning to put stuff away. Josiah was a big help as Philip put the shelving together!

Mama and I have been making a big mess because we started painting this week too. The dining room is done and we're just starting the living room. Josiah is enjoying the mess (or rather, getting into the mess) and helped us roll last night. It proved to be a good distraction since he was pretty fussy after his one year check up. He had a couple shots that made him feel bad and we think there's another tooth coming through. Lately there always seems to be another tooth coming through.

The other big development is that Josiah is fully mobile! He'd taken a few steps in the last couple weeks, but he woke up from his nap on his birthday and just took off. I guess he figured he was old enough and there's no stopping him now. He can make it about halfway across the living room already.

Well, it's time to get cleaned up so we can get back to work. Thanks to everyone who sent emails and cards to help us celebrate the big day!


One Year is Coming
Well, One year is this Saturday for the little guy. It is amazing how much fun he seems to be having and how much he is learning. Since Kim has been doing a wonderful job at keeping everyone up to date, I though I would just pop in and put up some more video. I realize there have been quite a few recently, but he seems to be doing more and more we want to share. I expect if it becomes too much you all will tell us to stop, right? Until then, I hope you enjoy!!

The first video is a little clip of Josiah eating dinner. He has quickly acquired the title of "little hover." He can actually eat faster than Kim or I can cut up his food and put it on his tray.

Sometime in the last few weeks Josiah has found a true enjoyment for music. This clip give a little idea of what types of "mad moves" this little fellow really has!

Despite all the fun Josiah generates just being him, sometimes I have the desire to help out. In this clip I am helping fill the role of the mole in the all famous "Wack-a-Mole" game.

To be honest, there really isn't much point to this video. I was trying to capture Josiah dancing, but he insisted on going after the camera. Sooo... I turned the LCD around so he could see himself and let him have some fun.

To wrap things up, how about a little story.... No really, this is a clip of Josiah enjoying a bedtime story with Kim. He isn't always this "into" them, but when he is tired he will often set and listen to a full book..... I got this one on tape!

Well, that is it for now. I am sure we will capture some more "Josiah Moments" to share with you as time goes by. Feel free to request situations or activities if you wish. I don't know that we will be able to capture them all, but it will be fun trying. As usual, post a comment about your favorite. Lets see if we can beat the 11 posts below. :-)


Off We Go!
We were at a friends' house today and Josiah took his first steps. He did it twice before my friend could get her camera out and then, of course, he refused to walk anymore. He didn't seem to understand why we were getting so excited, but he was happy to be the center of attention. I'm hoping he cooperates and shows off again tonight so Philip can see. We'll get a clip up as soon as he allows it!

Speed Reading and Dirty Books
The newest game is getting a little old...Josiah has decided it's terribly fun to let me read about a line out of a book and them pick up another one and insist we read that one. We do this through all 15 or so books he has and then start over. After about 45 minutes we actually read all the way through the books, one line at a time.

Time to go, he's eating Philip's computer cable!
Hmmm...had to fish a board book and my Bible out of the tub this morning. Guess Josiah thought they were dirty.

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Lots of Firsts
We seem to be in a big learning curve right now. Josiah does something new almost every day lately. Some recent firsts...

Word -- Book ('ba')
Standing alone
Noises on command -- cow, dog, fish and sometimes tarzan
Toy in the toilet -- teething ring
Waves bye-bye
Plays peek-a-boo
Climbs stairs...and falling down stairs

He absolutely loves his books and enjoys rearranging them on the floor as much as listening to someone read them. We've also learned he really likes raw green beans. We put away 13 gallons of them this weekend and I decided to see what he would do with one. I was expecting him to drum with it for a few seconds and the next thing I knew he'd eaten the whole thing. And we learned today that he likes purple hull peas as long as they have a little ketchup on them. He's still in love with his bananas and cheerios and will eat about as much sweet potato as you'll give him.

Philip and I have decided this is one of those fun stages and are really enjoying playing with him. Unfortunately, as he learns to do more he's also learning to misbehave. We've been working on getting him to listen to 'no' the first time and are having some success, although we get tested frequently. Thankfully he's still easily redirected so we haven't had a major confrontation yet.

Well, the little guy is down for the night and it's time to relax for a bit before we head to bed. Adios!


Videos from Vacation
Well, I told you I would work on getting some videos up. It took a little while, but here thy are. Enjoy the clips and let us know what you think!!

* Josiah enjoying a flight.
* Josiah's first swim at the hotel.
* So, how did Josiah like the ocean?
* Josiah enjoying another swim.
* Josiah made friends with the ocean.
* Josiah playing with his cousin, Sadie.
* Josiah exploring O'Hare airport on the way home.

Just in case you wondered, Kim and I had fun as well!! Since it took so long to get these up, I have also included a few clips of Josiah after we got back from vacation. These are pretty much just be cause I could. :-)

* Josiah on his way to walking.
* So Josiah's feet are ticklish.

Well, that is it for now. Please post and let us know what you thought. Kim and Josiah get back on Tuesday so life should be returning to normal (whatever that is) here soon.


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