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50th Percentile
Josiah had his 4 month check up today (he's a little older than that actually) and he's measuring in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. He's 26.5 inches long and 15 lb. 2 oz. Dr. Young said he looks just fine and very much older than his age with his wonderful haircut (thanks Bomp). He got shots for DPT, Hepatitis B, Polio and Pneumococcal Conjugate and did really well. Thankfully his memory is short and he only cried for a minute. We won't be starting him on solid foods until he's at least 6 months old, so we don't have to worry about any of that right now.

He's a little fussier than usual today, probably because of the shots. I'm keeping him on Tylenol but that doesn't seem to be helping his patience right now. He's tired of helping me write this post so we better go.


We Made It!
After 2 weeks of visiting family and a little over 16 hours of driving today we are finally home again. We had a great time seeing family in Illinois, Tennessee and Texas. No body got sick and Josiah did really well in the car (especially for a 4.5 month old!). Josiah got to meet his other set of great grandparents and more cousins, aunts, uncles, and various other relatives than he knew what to do with. He learned how to squeal in a really high pitched voice and sit up in an exersaucer while we were gone. And he outgrew a bunch more clothes. This kid grows fast! He also got another haircut and looks so much older. I"m not sure I really like that (but his hair looks a lot better; it was starting to resemble a mullet).

We are very blessed to have so much family and it was exciting to introduce our newest member to many of them. Now it's time to clean up the mess we made when we unpacked the car earlier today. It's amazing how much stuff we end up with (and how much we started with for someone so little). But maybe that can wait until sure does sound good. If only Josiah agreed!


Merry Christmas!
Whew, it's been busy around here. Josiah was dedicated at church a couple weeks ago and it went very well. Philip's Mom and Dad came over from Illinois to celebrate it with us and Dad helped out with the dedication. Josiah smiled and wiggled at all the right times and didn't throw up on the pastor. Now we just have to live up to the promises we made so Josiah knows God.

We've been wrapping gifts and working on Christmas cards and trying to pack. We're doing our great trip across the country again and it should be even more interesting now that there are 3 of us. We're heading to Illinois today and will go through Tennessee before arriving in Texas for Christmas. That's a lot of family to see in just 2 weeks and I'm praying that we make it through without getting Josiah sick. This overprotective mama is going to be covering everyone who gets near him in hand sanitizer.

Josiah is still trying to figure out how to laugh, but the poor kid ends up with hiccups every time. He's grabbing at everything and anything he gets goes straight in his mouth. He's almost turned over again...I guess he forgot how to do it. And man is he shaggy! This boy needs another haircut badly.

Well, I need to pack the car while he's still sleeping. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season and we're looking forward to seeing many of you. God bless!


I think we're getting to the stage where it's hard to leave the house. For the first 3 months Josiah didn't seem to mind what we did as long as he got to eat and sleep on time. He would sit quietly through Bible study and MOPS and seemed happy to go shopping. That seems to be ending. He's still good, but he's much more vocal and wants to move constantly. It doesn't help that I still can't seem to leave him in the nursery. I finally broke down and tried it today after he had kept me distracted for an hour of Bible study. He was only in there for 10 minutes and when I came back he was screaming and bright red. I know he'll be ok, but I feel so guilty leaving him with other people while he's doing that, especially when he's the youngest one in there so he takes up so much of their time and attention. I think I just got spoiled and assumed he would continue to be so easy.

Josiah's cough and Philip's head have both gotten much better. Philip is headed to Colorado for a couple days for work while J and I hang out here. Boy am I glad I don't have a sick baby right now! That sure wouldn't be fun to deal with alone for the first time.

Guess that's about it. P's parents are coming in this weekend for Josiah's dedication. Dad will be doing the ceremony with our pastor and they're going to babysit while we go over to a friend's house Saturday night. It will feel so weird to not be taking care of a baby the whole night. I"m kind of looking forward to being able to eat with both hands...actually I'm really looking forward to that.

ps I finally hit my goal weight! I've just about worn a hole in the living room from all the Tae Bo tapes, but it's so nice to feel healthy again. I've been told your tummy never returns to its former glory and I believe it. I've decided it has more character now!


Birthmarks and Coughs
Well, Josiah and I went to the dermatologist today to get his birthmark checked out. The doctor verified that he did indeed have a birthmark (don't you love paying for that kind of help). He has a port wine stain over most of his leg and some smaller red dots called hemangiomas. Apparently the dots will likely grow together as he gets older and fade and we'll just have to wait to see what happens with the stain. Either way, he's fine and it's totally normal. The only thing we have to watch for is if the birthmark seems to be getting thicker than the skin on the other leg, but that's very rare.

I also took the chance to ask what to do about diaper rash. No matter what I do he always has a little. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it bugs me. The doctor said his kids had small rashes for about 2 years each (basically until they were out of diapers) and I figured if a dermatologists kids had it then I shouldn't feel too bad...

This post is taking a few days to write. We ended up in the doctor's office yesterday morning because Josiah woke up with a nasty cough. So far he seems ok, in fact he doesn't even seem to notice anything. As long as it doesn't get worse the doc said he's ok. We're hoping this doesn't mean he shares his Daddy's problems with allergies and congestion.

We spent the rest of the day shopping for our first tree and all the goodies that go with it. Mimi and Bomp had given us money to get a Christmas gift for ourselves and we decided we should get a tree. We got a beautiful fake tree and tons of lights and ornaments. The tree is up and we need to do the trimming after church today. Speaking of which, we should get going here soon. Thanks Mimi and Bomp!


The Cutest Baby
We had our pregnancy class reunion last night and got to see a few of the couples we went through the class with. It was cool to see the kids and how different the mamas looked (we didn't even recognize one of them). And we might be a little biased, but we were sure that Josiah was the cutest baby there. Speaking of the little guy, he just woke up. Bye!

Happy Thanksgiving
We celebrated Josiah's first Thanksgiving in Illinois with Philip's family. He had more people to play with than he knew what to do with! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the warmer-than-usual weather.

Josiah is learning how to laugh and it's funny to watch him try it. He still screeches like a dinosaur sometimes, but occasionally he makes sounds that are more laugh-like. He hasn't rolled over again, but he's getting much stronger when he plays on his belly. He is starting to really play with toys that are hung in front of him and will try to grab them sometimes...every once in awhile he'll even get ahold of them. And of course everything has to go in his mouth. The collar of every shirt ends up getting chewed on and anyone holding him will end up with a soggy shoulder before very long.

We're looking forward to visiting family again in a few weeks, but it sure does feel good to be home too. Even though our schedule wasn't all that crazy Josiah was reacting to the change by waking up at night and sleeping for long stretches in the day time. But when we come home he immediately starts sleeping 9 hours a night again (yea!). I guess all the excitement just gets to him. Thankfully his Daddy has started sleeping through the night again too. Philip ended up with a horrible sinus infection over the holiday and stayed up more than Josiah at night. We're hoping the worst is over because that is just miserable.

Better go, there's still stuff to be unpacked from the trip and Josiah will be up soon.

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