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Green Poop and Smiles
Josiah has been a very busy boy and has kept us even busier. He is focusing on our faces more every day and is up to 9 pounds 11 ounces as of this morning. He is trying very hard to keep his head upright and loves exercising his arms and legs. Actually, that's what he's doing right now and it's making typing tough! He has learned how to grab his own hair, but he doesn't seem to understand that pulling it hurts him. We've caught him several times screaming while he has a death grip on his hair.

I'm amazed at how many conversations we've had lately about bowel movements. Color, frequency,'s all fair game now. Thankfully the weekend of green poop is over and we can relax. Apparently something I was eating was upsetting Josiah's system. Right now our best guesses are either dairy or peanut butter. I'm really hoping he's not going to have trouble with milk because I may go through withdrawl if I have to stop drinking it.

J and I have made it through our first few days of being totally alone. Mama had to go back home Monday so Philip and I are trying to figure out a schedule here. Some days I'm doing really good to keep him fed and clean, but I'm learning how to do my chores really fast so I can keep at least small parts of the house clean and organized. It's become a game to see how fast I can get cleaned up and eat in the morning. Philip has been good about taking him in the evening so I can have a little time alone to work in the garden or take a bath.

Well, this blog has taken 2 days to write and I'm probably pushing my luck if I don't cut it off here. Better go before he decides we need to be playing or eating.


Philip is trying to figure out how to modify the blog now that Josiah is here. Entries might be less frequent than before, but we're going to try to keep pictures updated. If you have any preferences or ideas of things you liked or things that haven't worked well so far, now is the time to let us know!


Let there be videos
Hey everyone, Philip here. I have been trying to get some video of the "Big Day" ready for general viewing. It is amazing how fast the time goes when you are having fun, and have a child. (For now, those two things are synonymous). I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with Josiah after I get home, and even running through the bedtime routine while giving mom a break. Although most of the time we work through that routine as a full family. :-)

Well, now for what you all really want to see anyway. Below are several links to different videos. Sorry, no one but our closest family will get to see the actual birth, but you do get to see Josiah right after. I hope you enjoy!!

Josiah immediately after birth, I mean immediately.

Nine hours old and already enjoying relaxing on Mommy.

A little over a day old dreaming on Daddy's lap.

Also, there are more pictures going up on the gallery. Most of them are of Josiah with various family members and some cute shots of him by himself. Please feel free to check them out and leave comments. Your input will make this site even more interesting to look back on in 5, 10 or even 15 years down the road!!


2 Weeks Old
I better make this short; Josiah has been terribly hungry lately and is quite the snuggle bug. I'm learning to fit my life around feedings every 1-3 hours. Mama and I have been going out for a couple hours a day to look around our favorite shops and everyone dotes on Josiah and "all that hair." He seems to enjoy our outings as long as we hide out every once in a while to feed him. He is getting more and more alert each day and makes the funniest faces. He even makes them when he's asleep. He also laughs in his sleep, which is really funny to watch. I'm not sure what a 2 week old can dream about other than eating so it makes me wonder if he's laughing at me.

Philip went back to work this week and Mama has been a huge help around the house. I don't think I would have gotten a shower several days without her. She's also been very busy keeping up with all the gardening. We have tons of purple hull peas (yum) and we've finally gotten enough tomatoes together to make our sauce today. Actually, Mama made it while I cleaned. It smells great.

Better go, he's starting to make his noises again. I wonder if we're in a growth spurt here.


The Day Josiah Blew Up...And Out...And Around
Josiah has proven without a doubt that he is capable of hitting anything within 10 feet with his urine. Actually, he proved this pretty soon after birth, but we had a record breaking day not long ago. He had already managed to shoot over his head, off the changing table, and into Mama's purse that evening. When a few of our neighbors came over to take some pictures of him he pooped all over Philip's shirt and in the process of cleaning him up he managed to pee again...only this time it landed squarely on his face (and in his mouth). I was focused on his bum and couldn't figure out why his face was all wet at first. I'm sure he's going to love this story when he gets older.

We're doing fine and have actually had a few 4-hour naps so far. I miss sleep. Josiah is focusing his eyes a little more each day and loves to kick and bounce his head around. Now I'm getting to see what he was doing inside me all that time. He eats like a horse and is starting to get a little fat in his cheeks. I'm doing well and have started walking with Mama in the evenings, although I can't do her whole workout with her yet. Philip is proving to be a great dad, which I totally expected. Josiah loves all the funny faces Philip makes at him and enjoys being bounced by dad while I get cleaned up. Mama has been an incredible help with Josiah and has kept up with all the gardening because, of course, everything decided to ripen as soon as Josiah arrived. I think her fingers will be permanently stained purple from shelling purple hull peas. We're also getting enough tomatoes together to make our first batch of spaghetti sauce. Hopefully it will turn out good after all this work.

We have been really blessed with all the support and prayers of our friends and family. Mama brought gifts from family back home and we've had a great time looking through all of them. One of my favorites is the Texas T-shirt from Carolyn. Our church family has been bringing us dinner this week and will be hosting a shower in a few weeks. We really appreciate all the prayers and calls we've received in the last couple weeks and are looking forward to showing off the newest member of the family this Christmas.


One Week Old
Well, we've made it through our first week together and are starting to get a routine down. It's been a very eventful week and we're all glad to have a couple quiet days now. Josiah is doing fine (Philip is playing with him right now) and seems to be getting into a routine of wanting to be fed every 2 hours, although I did get 3 straight hours of sleep last night! I'm amazed at how quickly the day goes when it takes an hour to feed him and there's only an hour until you start it all over again. He's gotten a little bit jaundice in the last couple days, but nothing bad and it should clear up soon. He should be back up to his birth weight by now and has a few weeks before we need to go back to the doctor for his next set of shots.

I keep getting surprised by all the things I can do again. I can hug my husband! I turned myself sideways out of habit and then realized there wasn't a big stomach in the way. I got so excited that I could lay on my stomach that Philip laughed at me. I can see my toes and drink (a little) artificial sweetener and take deep breaths! And I actually got cold yesterday...that hasn't happened in months. I don't know that that is really exciting, but it's nice to be cool enough to sleep with covers on.

I had a few complications during and after delivery that made life a little uncomfortable (to put it nicely), but those seem to be healing and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Josiah sat down in my birth canal for so long during labor that I ended up with a hematoma...those are no fun. Dr. Getta said he'd only seen one after a delivery in 10 years and told me it was highly unlikely that's what was causing my pain. After I came in he said he had now seen 2 in 10 years. Aren't I lucky? Thankfully they heal up pretty quickly and I can move normally again. Mama, Philip, and Casey have been incredibly helpful and taken care of the house and me and Josiah. Our friends here have been stopping by to see the little guy and he's gotten some really cute new outfits and great food. Well, I guess I got the food and he got it indirectly.

I should wrap this up because Josiah is starting to make little noises and his Daddy is getting hungry too. My free time is a little limited now, but we'll do the best we can to keep posts and pictures up. Thank you for all your prayers...they were needed and appreciated!


In The Beginning
We're about to turn in after our first was a long one! Josiah has slept quite a bit today but Philip and I have only had naps here and there. Our major tasks for the day were trying to get a very sleepy baby to nurse and cleaning up after what little we got into him (and apparently his last meal before the eviction). As each shift changes the new set of nurses comes in to admire Josiah's full head of hair and beautiful skin. He has as many hiccups now as he has for the past several months. In fact Philip is helping him get over a set right now.

We've had fun calling friends and family and sharing our good news. Philip has been working to get pictures of our little guy up so you guys can see if you think he looks like anyone in the family. As of yet we're not sure he looks much like either of us except for all the hair. It would help if he would open his eyes so we could get a better look at him, but he's going through that stage where he isn't too alert most of the time (it hit him hard about 3 hours after he was born). We've heard in the next couple weeks he'll start waking up more each day.

Philip has been doing a great job of taking care of the 2 of us and it's really cool to watch him hold his son. I'm moving a little slow and P has been jumping up so I don't have to get back up once I get comfortable. Hopefully within the next week I'll get to moving more normally. I was feeling a little bad for myself until Philip ran into one of the guys from our lamaze class. His wife ended up with a pretty tough labor and is in rougher shape than I am...I'm sorry to hear their day was tough and it reminded me to be grateful for how well God has taken care of us. Our paster and his wife came by this morning and prayed with us and read several verses about family to us. It was very special and we're both still a little overwhelmed by how much we have been blessed. We have such a gorgeous, healthy baby and so many people to celebrate with.

Ok, it's late and I'm hoping this entry has made some sense. We'll put something else up as we have time and get more sleep.

To see some more pictures and add you comments to them head over to the gallery


Josiah is here and healthy
Hey everyone, Dad here! I don't know that I can tell everything that happened here, but I can give you the details. Josiah was born at 3:07am on Friday Aug. 11. He is health weighing 8 lb 1 oz and stretching 22 in long.

We got to the hospital at 8:50pm and Kim was already 8 cm dilated and in a lot of pain. (she was handling it great though) The nurse was a little shocked when she checked her. She did do a good job of getting the pain doc here for the epidural. I was greatly enjoyed by all!!

She started pushing at 12:30 am and was quite worn out by 3 am. Due to the swelling the doctor had to use the vacuum to help out a little. Outside of that everything when very well. The nurses here have been wonderful and the room comfortable.

I am sure Kim will add some more posts as the days here at the hospital pass. Thank you all for praying for us!!! God was here and evident!! Hopefully there will be a picture beside this when you read it. I have to find a way to get the pictures to the PC without admin rights to install the driver.

Love you all,

The Deans (Philip, Kim, Josiah!!!)


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