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Josiah is now 3.5 years old, wearing a size 10.5 shoe (but wearing size 11 sandals so they might make it through the summer) and wants to be a train conductor when he grows up, but would consider paleontology as well. He loves picnics, trains, candy and reading about blood and teeth in his science book (he explained the 4 main parts of blood to our dinner guest last night). He has learned to sound out words by himself, zip his coat, put on his shoes and all of a sudden numbers higher than 15 seem to be making sense.

Grace is almost 2, wearing a size 5 shoe and wants to eat 'tay-oos' (cheerios) when she grows up. She loves dinosaurs, baths, getting her hair brushed, 'sert' (dessert) and going down the slide head first. She's learned to swing and go up the rock wall by herself and her new talent this week is doing flips off the couch. She's still working on the ABC's and loves to color, especially with markers (which doesn't happen often because when I look away she colors her nose and belly too).

Kasia is 4 months old, not wearing shoes and, as far as we can tell, would like to flirt with Mama and Daddy when she grows up. She is the smiliest baby we've ever had and very low maintenance. She's rolling all over the place and, of course, has the crazy Dean baby hair that generates comments everywhere we go. She is learning to grab things and likes to sing with us.

Philip and Kim will not share their ages or their shoes sizes. They are not sure what they want to be when they grow up. They like to sleep and will get to do that at some point decades from now.


Only have 5 minutes before the timer goes off on the muffins and I have to feed Kasia and the big kids start rebelling against nap time....

It's been a crazy week and I feel like I should have earned a T-shirt or a badge or something for making it through so far. I won't go into all of it, but sleep is making it a bit better. We just stared Kasia on a revised schedule and it means I can go to bed about an hour earlier. She did really well with it last night. Yeah! Josiah is trying to remember to use his self control today to earn a Dilly Bar at DQ tonight. I think he might make it, but only with a LOT of grace on my part since I get to decide if he did well enough. Grace is...well, she's just Grace. She's so little and has those big eyes and all that hair and people expect her to be quiet and she throws herself down the slide head first and pushes all the big kids out of the way.

Ok, muffins are out, Kasia's hungry and Josiah's about to get in trouble for trying to escape yet again. Never a dull moment!


Need a laugh?
These to videos should be pretty self-explanatory. But just in case. These are demonstrations of Kasia's new found talents. The first is of her having a good chuckle with Kimmie. The second is a duet between mother and daughter. I hope you enjoy!!




Oi Vey
Wow, it's been a long week. We've had family visiting, I was a speaker at our MOPS group, Grace got a cold, Josiah got an ear infection, Kasia decided to stop sleeping through the night, we were officially matched with 'Grace', our house is infested with lady bugs and Grace got double ear infections. Because of kids we've missed multiple hours of sleep each night and it's really starting to wear on us. We are once again incredibly grateful for antibiotics and Tylenol and hopeful that tonight will be quiet!

On the brighter side it's warmed up! For about one week a year our woods have a faint green tinge as all the little leaf buds start to emerge and we've rejoiced to see it this year! The iris and lily leaves shot up and Philip got to mow the yard for the first time this weekend. Josiah helped, of course, and Grace was very excited to get to ride for the first time. I managed to sneak outside during nap time to thin out some of the iris' and plant them around the yard. We have one flower bed that I've named the 'bed of death' because nothing (we want) seems to grow there. I went a little nuts and packed it with the iris bulbs, hoping they would take root and crowd out the grass that took over last year when I was on bed rest. And we got a call from a friend today offering some hostas after she thinned hers out, so we're excited to get those planted to. It feels so good to get outside!


Here We Go!
Ok, I just got word that we have been officially matched with 'Grace' through Reece's Rainbow, so it's time to get going on raising funds!

Help Us Adopt 'Grace'...By Buying Jewelry!
Yes, you got that right. This month you can buy beautiful jewelry and be helping us get closer to bringing our little girl home! We have a wonderful friend who has offered to host a fund raiser for us, partnered with Lia Sophia. Here's how it works; you've got a few options:
  • All month long you can log on to the Lia Sophia website at Lia Sophia and order with a credit card from there. IMPORTANT: On the site, search for Tracy Crowe in the “Look up Your Hostess” section to find our show. It is the May 10th show in Columbia, MO...that's Tracy's home town and the date that all online sales will be ended. If you do not select our show Tracy will not know you are ordering for our fund raiser.
  • You can look through the online catalog at Lia Sophia and then email our friend who is hosting this for us at She can tell you your total and you can send payment to her. All checks should be made out to Tracy Crowe.
  • If you know what jewelry you want before the show you can give us, Philip or Kim, a check for the amount. All checks should be made out to Tracy Crowe.
  • You can come to the Lia Sophia Show we'll be hosting at our house April 24th from 9-11:30am to see some of the jewelry in person. We live at 1550 246th Ave., Lisbon IA, 52253 . If you need directions our number is 319-447-7938.
  • You can post this on your own blog to help spread the word!

We will receive 30% of all sales we generate, which will be applied directly to our adoption process. The special for this month is: Buy two items at full price, pick one of your choice for 1/2 off THEN add up to 3 bracelets or earrings for half off (most expensive items are discounted) On top of feeling good about buying something pretty for yourself or a friend you'll get a great deal! It doesn't get much better than that!
Please note, items will not be here by Mother's Day - BUT if there are Mother's Day gifts purchased, Tracy will send a special IOU email detailing what the gift is (with a picture) and the cause for no extra charge!
We REALLY appreciate all your prayers and support as we go on this journey to bring Grace home! Many of you have been reading our blog and know the details of where we are in this process, but for those of you who don't you can come check it out at


A Full House
A bunch of Philip's family came over for Easter and with 6 kids and 5 adults it was a packed house! The kids did their egg hunt and got in some good 'cousin time' and the adults just tried to keep up with all of them! Everyone had a good time and Josiah is already asking when they're coming back.

Kasia had her 4 month check up yesterday (somehow we're a little early, oh well) and is doing fine. She's 24 inches long and 11lbs 8oz so she's not huge but she's no where near the bottom of the charts. Yea! She is officially rolling all over the place and is an incredibly happy baby. Her smiles sure do help on rough days!

We survived some crazy straight line winds last night, only to find that Philip has plenty of new fire wood in the back yard this morning. He seemed to think it was amusing when the windows were shaking and the front porch starting making weird noises...I was not so amused and was trying to figure out how to get all 3 sleeping kids to a safe room by myself while he watched the storm. Thankfully it was over pretty quickly and the house is still standing.

We still haven't heard back from Reece's Rainbow to be told we're officially matched with 'Grace,' but are REALLY hoping to know something by the end of this week. We're getting some details figured out for fund raisers and I'm still looking for a part time job I can do from home to offset some of the costs, and may have found something today.

Guess that's about's been a long day and it's my bedtime. :)

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Every Family Has One
Every family has that holiday photo in which the kids refuse to play along and say 'cheese'...and instead scream at the top of their lungs. We got our first one this morning. Since there was no Sunday School we thought we had time to have a nice breakfast, enjoy Easter baskets and take a quick family picture. However, Grace woke up in a BAD mood and fussed her way through the whole morning. By the time we got to the picture she refused to do anything we asked. So instead of the 'perfect family picture' we got this...and I love it because it's a much better representation of what life with 3 little kids is like!

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