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I'm Average!
I'm average and couldn't be happier about it! We had our appt today and everything was better. The baby had gained almost a pound and a half (at least part of that must be hair, the sonographer kept laughing about how much she had), my amniotic fluid had increased and cervical length was better. Dr. Pickering said according to these measurements he considers this pregnancy now average and there's no reason for me to continue on bed rest. I obviously won't be running any marathons anytime soon because my stamina is very low, but I'll have time to work back up to normal before the delivery. We don't even have to go in for an appointment next week and he's not scheduling another ultrasound unless I feel like there's a need for one! This is so exciting! We hit 33 weeks today so, assuming this kiddo does what the other 2 did, I have about 5 more weeks until D day. My mind is reeling with all the things I want to do, need to do and wondering what I haven't even thought of yet. For tonight I think I'm just going to relax and revel in the anticipation of a real leave-the-house date with my hubby tomorrow night!

Happy Halloween!
It's amazing the difference a day can make. We (especially I) were having trouble dealing with the disappointment of this week, but then God seemed to come in and get us back on track. We had the opportunity to help someone else yesterday, which felt so good after more than 6 weeks of everyone doing so much for us. As Philip put it, instead of just biding time to get through another day of this bed rest we felt like we had a purpose and it was amazing how much it energized us. It was so much easier to be left here while Philip took the kids out last night, knowing there was a purpose for it. I read something recently that was talking about wanting to know the reason why God lets some things happen in your life. Sometimes you get the answer immediately, sometimes it takes many years and sometimes he just writes in the margins of your story, 'to be explained later.' We don't know all the reasons why he's let us go through this season, but having just one sure does help.

The kids had a great time last night. Josiah went as a penguin and Grace was a puppy dog. Philip said they were stopped all night by people telling him how cute she was. They walked around Lisbon for a bit with some friends and got enough candy to have fun, but thankfully not so much we'll have it around until next fall. I asked Josiah what his friend Becca was dressed as and he told me she was 'a little girl from Chicago.' It was really hard to keep a straight face since I knew she was going to wear her dress from Mexico. Guess we need to work on geography during big boy time. :)


Perpetual Couch Potatoes
Our weekly appointment did not go as hoped, so instead of getting off bed rest we got 2 more weeks. You can imagine our excitement. A few of the restrictions were loosened, however, so I can now sit up, fix a quick lunch for the kids and go to church as long as I remain sitting most of the time. Obviously trick or treating with the kids tonight is out. We've also had to start all over with the name thing. We had decided on Nasia, which we both liked, but we've realized that for some reason very few people out of Iowa are pronouncing it correctly and it sounds more like 'nausea.' All in all I'd say this week has pretty much stunk.
Since the kids and I are stuck on this couch again we need some help. I've totally exhausted my ideas of what to do with them. We've memorized the PBS line up, read every book in the house multiple times and rotated through all their toys. I've done every no-mess craft I've come across and they're still looking at me wondering what we can do next. We need ideas of stuff to do that are very low mess, take very few supplies (I can't be up getting all the materials and then putting them all away), and are appropriate for both kids.


Almost There
We got good news yesterday; we had been expecting 2 more weeks of bed rest and our doc said he's only going to ask for one more (getting us just 1 day shy of 32 weeks) with the expectation that we would use common sense and be careful. We've been stable for 5 weeks now, even with a little bit of time up each day, and he remembers all too well my frustration last time when I finally got off bed rest and NOTHING HAPPENED. So while we still have to be careful, we're not expecting anything to happen very quickly and I think he feels guilty every week when he sees us because he knows how hard this has been. Oddly enough this somehow makes it even harder to stay laying down because it would be so easy to fudge when we're so close to the end. Just 6 more days.

Erin has been with us all week and helped tremendously. The kids loved having someone to play with and knowing that Philip had help reduced the stress load for both of us. We selfishly wanted her to stay another week, but her own kids didn't agree and wanted their mama back. Don't blame them.

After weeks of trying to track down swine flu vaccines for us I finally had a breakthrough this morning and jumped in the car with the kids and Erin before it was gone. The kids weren't exactly thrilled, but our post-shot cookie tradition seemed to make everything ok again. The kids will need a booster in about a month and I'm hoping it's easier to find by then. At any rate, I should have immunity soon and I can pass it on to Nasia when she nurses. Poor Philip is not considered a high enough priority yet and can't get one until the supply increases or Nasia is born.


It's been a long week, especially for Philip who is trying to make up time at work and has church stuff most evenings. Unfortunately Josiah has entered the stage where he does his best to delay bedtime, regardless of how tired his parents are. After running out of excuses to stay up any longer he tried to convince Philip he was scared of his room, but even a 3 year old knows he's lost the battle when his insanely patient father looks at him in frustration and says, "Josiah, close your eyes and talk to Jesus. He'll take care of it." I'm not sure I helped the situation when I started giggling from the couch.

Have a Very Rhinoceros Day
We celebrated Philip's birthday this past weekend so, of course, Josiah has been planning it for a couple months. I've been sweating how I was going to make the rhinoceros cake for a while now and was somewhat relieved when I could just pick out a clip art picture with Josiah and send in the order to a bakery. With the help of 3 friends we managed to get the house decorated, get the cake and (sort of) make breakfast for him. I also had a babysitter for Saturday night so we could have a movie date and dinner in our end of the house...while Josiah slid toys under the door at us. It wasn't exactly a huge bash, but I thought it went pretty well considering the circumstances.

Sandi (a close family friend) is here for part of this week to help out and Erin (sister in law) will be here later this week. It's been amazing to have someone here to help around the clock and Philip has been able to get some extra hours of work in to make up all that he's missed the past month. Sandi is exhausted from chasing the kids all day and Philip is getting less sleep, so I can't exactly say the week has been restful but the kids get to play more, the house is clean and Philip seems much less stressed. And after almost a month of having our routines turned upside down this feels a little closer to normal, which is great.


Rainy Susan Days
It seems like every appointment we've had since bed rest started has been rainy and for the past couple the kids have stayed with a friend for the whole day. Josiah has started calling them 'rainy Susan days' and looks forward to them all week. I don't know that Susan wants our kids every Thursday for the rest of their childhoods, but they'd be there if it was up to them.

We've stayed about the same again this week and the doctor seemed happy with it. In fact, I'm allowed to try eating at the table during dinner and have about a half hour a day to get up a little. I feel like a little kid who's been given $5 and can't figure out what to buy because there are so many possibilities. I can't go crazy and do too much, but being able to sit up for that long is awesome. And since the kids are down for nap now is my chance to do something besides chase them!


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