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Almost Crawling
His Texas Grandmama saw him do it first (on the the nap cam) and we've seen is since...Josiah is learning how to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. It's exciting and scary to see. I think about all the new things we'll be able to do together and wonder how this will change my life. I'm just praying God will give me a little boy that is calm and doesn't feel the need to climb every surface in the house.

Let's see...we're still working on solid foods and have added peas, which he loves. I'm just glad he'll eat something that's not orange so he doesn't turn orange. He still hasn't figured out that a sippy cup will do more than beat things and little pieces of banana and peas put in front of him are fun to squish, but are not recognized as food yet (which is weird since everything else goes straight to his mouth). He loves book time and currently seems to enjoy a book about a fire engine and his favorite toys are his singing bunny and my hair.

He is starting to sleep a little longer at night, which is awesome. Bedtime is 8pm and he gets up anywhere from 7-9am. When he gets up later I sometimes have time to work out and have a little time to myself before the day starts which is a nice treat. The later mornings also test his diaper capacity, but more laundry is a small price to pay for a well rested baby. To make sure that we always have at least one clean blanket for him I'm trying to make a quilt. Actually, that's just a good excuse for me to start learning to quilt because I've wanted to try for quite awhile now. I'm doing a really simple block pattern and am about 2/3 through putting it together. I think I'm doing pretty well for my first try and am excited to try something a little harder next time. Thankfully there are a few women in church who quilt who can help me and I'm hoping to take a few classes at stores around here.

Philip spent last week in Colorado for work and Josiah and I spent our first week alone. I was expecting it to be harder than it was and I'm sure it would have been rough if I hadn't had so much help from friends. We had a fun week of play dates and visits around town and sure were glad when Philip came back. Philip was glad to be back too, although he enjoyed the snow storm while he was out there.

Well, Josiah is starting to sing and it's sounding a little insistent. He is not a quiet child. Better go!


On the Move
Philip managed to get some video of Josiah as he was showing off some of his new talents (sitting and rolling, not the poop thing). I realize we're biased, but we're sure he's a genius. Check him out!

Oops, that wasn't him rolling, that was carpet surfing.


My sweet little boy is making the grossest poop! You can certainly tell he's eating solid food now. Yuck! Until today it was coming out looking like it went in...guess that's over.

Thankfully that's not the only thing he's been up to. Just in the last few days he's started trying to really move around on the floor. Through wiggles and rolls he's managing to work his way across the carpeting. It's fun to watch him go and amazing that just last week he couldn't seem to do much of anything.

Carrots are his favorite food and green beans seem tolerable (he better get used to them, we got a freezer full from the garden!). Bananas are ok and we just tried avocado tonight...hard to tell what he thought of it yet. He's finally getting the idea that he has to open his mouth to get the food in, which makes meal times much easier on Mom and Dad.

Since it's been warmer a couple days we've spent a little time outside and he seems to think the wind is funny. Whenever a big gust comes he wiggles and laughs...funny kid.


Day at the Park
We had a good play date today with some friends in Lisbon and spent some time at the park. Josiah had his first swing ride and ate his first stick (he was supposed to be feeling it and he shoved it in his mouth instead). He refused to let me get the dirt off his tongue, so he also had his first taste of dirt. He actually seemed to like it better than the rice cereal. Overall he had a good time and enjoyed the wind and sun and watching the cars go by. He was even distracted enough to sit up by himself for a few seconds. When he realized what he was doing though, he rolled over on his side.

We got a package from Grandmama today with a stuffed bunny that sings and flings its ears around. Josiah loved it the first time and giggled and grabbed the ears. I thought it was so cute that I ran to get the video camera and the next time I pushed the button Josiah started screaming like I had turned on the blender. I guess we can add singing bunnies to the list of scary things (blenders, hair dryers, paper shredders, saxophones).

After a long day of playing and wearing his food we took a break and bathed in the sink...which only worked as long as I kept my hand under his bum so it didn't fly out from under him. As soon as I got him all clean he promptly messed himself again and I began to wonder why we were trying so hard to get food into him when it comes out looking almost the same as when it went in. When does that change?


Almost 7 Months
It's crazy to think almost 7 months have gone by already. Josiah is growing up fast and changing almost every day. He has a lot more control of his hands and is terribly curious about just about everything. He's been napping really well most of the time so he's happy and giggles a lot. And his hair has lightened up a lot. With every hair cut it gets a little closer to blond. He's also paying more attention to other babies, which is fun to see. He had fun laughing with another little girl at MOPS this week and it made me wonder how he'll act when we have other children someday. I bet he'll be a good big brother (that's not an announcement...we have our hands full right now!).

He's been eating oatmeal for a couple weeks now and we're getting to where he's eating more than he wears. We still have oatmeal facials most days though! He enjoys trying to feed himself and some of the time the spoon actually makes it into his mouth.

We had a very traumatic event happen Monday...the mobile fell during a nap and beaned him in the head. Of course he let out a huge wail (I would too) and it took awhile to get him calmed back down again. The mobile has been temporarily banished until we can secure it better and the nap cam has been moved (it was on the mobile).

Our little fella is pretty vocal, even when he's not upset. I don't tend to realize he's being too loud until I take him somewhere and he suddenly won't be quiet. It's been awhile since Philip and I have been able to sit together during church because we have to take turns walking with him outside. I suppose some day this will get better.

Speaking of being vocal, he's letting me know he's done playing by himself. Better go!


The Great Weekend Adventure
Whew, it's been a crazy weekend! We had a big storm come through that coated everything in about an inch or so of ice. With 50+mph winds it really made a mess of things. We sat around Saturday watching our woods get covered and several trees split. We had a bald eagle take refuge in one of our trees, which was really cool to see. He stayed there all night and left sometime Sunday afternoon. However, the elements finally got to the power system and we lost power about 2:30pm Saturday and it stayed off for about 24 hours. The house got pretty chilly so we cuddled up together and played with Josiah...his toys were the only ones that worked! It really is amazing how much of your house is completely useless without electricity.

After a dinner of whatever we could find in the pantry and playing by candle light we got dressed in several layers and put almost all the blankets we own on the bed and huddled together. It was actually pretty warm, but a little tough to sleep because we were afraid to move because we didn't want to accidentally roll over on Josiah. He slept great though. It was strange to look out the windows at night and not see a single light in any of the 3 towns we can see from our hill. This must have been a kinda scary place to live during the frontier days.

The house was at 54 degrees and still falling when we got up and we decided this was for the birds. We have some friends from church who live in Cedar Rapids (that had power) so we called them and headed over there for heat and a shower (we're on a well so when the power goes so does the water). Our drive to their house showed us why we had been sitting in the cold. We passed quite a few power lines that were down and lots of poles that had been snapped in two. Trees were broken all over the place and we even saw a flag pole that had bent in half. Thankfully our power was restored this afternoon, but we have quite a few friends who will be without for several days to come.

It's been an interesting couple of days and it's made us even more thankful for our warm house. Josiah didn't seem to realize much of anything was out of the ordinary. He's a trooper.


Sound Off
Okay everyone,
Kim and I have been curious how many friends and family are actually looking at this. Well, I am sure this won't tell us, but hopefully it will give us an idea. I have six new videos below. I expect most of you will watch at least one and hopefully more.

Sooooo...... when you are done reading this, or watching the videos please click that little link below that says comment and let us know which you like best or worse, maybe just which one you watched, or shoot, your shoe size if nothing else. :o)
Like I said, we are just curious how many are still reading. So friend, family, or perfect stranger that ran across it on a google search (that would be weird by the way) let us know you are out there.


Josiah Plays Ball
Josiah Takes a Bath
Josiah helps Mom Drink
Josiah Rolls Over
Josiah Thinks Mom's Funny
Josiah's First Meal


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