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Finally Some Pictures
Hey everyone, sorry it has taken so long to get some pictures up. I had to find a new hard drive for the server. It is amazing how much space a few pictures and a video or two can take up.

Anyway... it is up and running and I now have room to grow. So, I hope you enjoy these. Here are some pictures of Josiah from November till now. These are some pictures taken over Christmas this year.

And just for fun.... This is a video of what happens when The Whiskers meet Baby Tummy! Enjoy!!


And Then Along Came A Tooth
Our son has multiple personalities...all depending on what that tooth is doing. One day my sweet, laid back baby is here smiling at me and the next he's fussy and crying and looking at me like I"m nuts when I try to get a smile. Thank God for Tylenol! I guess the tooth moves in spurts although it's still just barely visible. He's definitely not as rough as some stories I've heard from friends, but this is a rude awakening because his usual temperament is so nice.

He's also wanting to be much more mobile, which is a little tough because he doesn't move real well yet. He wiggles really well and can push himself up when he's on his tummy and can roll over (when he remembers how), but that just isn't cutting it anymore. He is fairly sure his Mom and Dad were put here just to bounce him and fly him around the room all hours of the day and night. And the more the tooth hurts, the more he wants to move. I don't guess I can blame him, but my arms are going to be the size of tree trunks soon. This kid is getting heavy! I'm guessing he's around 16 pounds, which is right were he should be by 6 months.

His "favorites" have changed recently too. The whistling doesn't seem too cool but Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the most amazing thing he's ever heard. The fish are still fascinating, but for shorter periods of time and sitting in the vibrating chair is boring but the exersaucer is awesome. Other cool things are pulling Moms' hair, flying with Dad, and watching ceiling fans. I have to admit, he's cheap to entertain!

Well, he should be waking up from a nap soon. If I get in to pick him up quickly enough he stays really happy and gives me the best smiles. I have to admit, all the ugliness of teething is easy to take when he flashes one of those grins.

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Game Show Mama
I put Josiah to bed a little early last night so I could take the Jeopardy online contestant test. If you do really well they might contact you to be on the show! Well, it didn't take long to realize they weren't going to be calling me! Another dream down the drain (Ok, not really). I guess there's always American Idol...I sing badly enough to make it on the auditions shows. :)

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Snow angels
Our snow finally came, much to Philip's delight. We got enough to make everything white and clean-looking. We took the opportunity to make some snow ice cream and dress Josiah up for his first snow angel. He looked really cute in his snow suit, but I'm not sure he really enjoyed it too much. When you're arms and legs are that short all that added padding really restricts movement. He put up with us while we took pictures and had fun posing him and seemed thankful to be free soon after.

He's cooing in his exersaucer right now. He spent the morning getting dragged around Cedar Rapids and seems to be glad to be able to wiggle now. Ok, he's not glad anymore...he's fussing. Babies change fast!

See the video: The Making of this Picture :-)


Doing Much Better
Well, after a rough week last week this one is looking up. That little tooth is still barely visible, but doesn't seem to be giving him any trouble anymore (thankfully). Philip reworked Josiah's schedule and came up with one that obviously fits him much better. He seems to be back to his happy little self and isn't fussing nearly as much when it's nap time. I realized after a week of him being unhappy that part of my problem was never seeing him smile or laugh. It's really rough to give him as much attention as he needs when he won't give a little back. I don't understand why that little smile can give me so much energy, but it does. Guess that's just the way God made moms.

After much work and a bit of frustration both of our computers are (almost) up again. Mine was fried during a storm last year and Philip has been working hard to replace it and update his at the same time. He's still got a few bugs to work out, but when he's done we have quite a few new pictures and a video to put up. Josiah has decided that farting noises are funny and he's a hoot to watch when he gets to laughing (that's what's in the video). He's also recently found his tongue and is sticking it out at everyone (and no, I didn't teach him how to do it!). Thankfully at this age no one seems to take offense.

We get to have a date Friday! Philip and I are both very excited to get out for a little while. A friend from church will be watching Josiah and we're going to enjoy a dinner without a baby on our laps. We've been praying each night that our family and Mary's family (our friend) would stay healthy so we don't have to postpone it. There's a bunch of flu and other viruses going around up here and it seems like most of the church has come down with something in the last few weeks. I had almost worked up the nerve to try the nursery again and then heard about all the people who had sick kids last week and chickened out. I know he's going to get sick some day, but I'm hoping the stomach flu is not the first thing we have to deal with. I spent most of Sunday morning sanitizing our hands each time we touched a door handle!

Better go, he's tired of playing by himself.

Video is done and can be viewed here!


Here They Come
The first tooth has emerged! After 2 pretty horrible days I finally figured out what was going on...there's a hard white spot on his bottom gums. That didn't make him feel any better, but it did at least give me hope that he wasn't turning into a really fussy, annoying baby for no reason. I gave him some Tylenol and Oragel and he seemed to cope a little better through the rest of the day. Philip decided he'll have to add a question to his list he'll ask God some day...Why did you design teeth to come up through really sensitive flesh and rip it apart so it hurts? Good question, but I figure it's just part of the fall. I know Genesis doesn't say anything about teething, but I figure there were just too many parts of the curse to go into all that detail. God just assumed we would figure it out when it happened to our kids.

Our schedule is not working yet and we're not sure if it's because it's just not right or because he's teething. He's cried more than he's ever done in the past week. The past couple days we've had Mommy/Son crying time and just sat and shared tears.

Ok, I better go. Philip is flying Josiah around the office and just banged his foot against the light. Time to referee.


These are a few of the scariest things...
Along with squealing and laughing Josiah seems to be learning how to be afraid of things. First it was the ice dispenser, then the car wash. Now we can add my blow dryer and the blender. Actually, he's only afraid of the blow dryer when he's playing on the ground. If he's in his chair, then it's fine. Go figure. He practiced squealing in my ear yesterday when I tried to make a smoothie. Maybe he's just scared of electronic appliances...boy did he pick the wrong house.

We decided it was time to redo Josiah's schedule as he seemed to be outgrowing the old one. He wasn't always hungry at meal times and was staying awake through some naps and sleeping way longer than expected through other ones. He had also been edging his 6am feeding back to 5am and was trying to push it to 4am. Not cool! So, we reread parts of the Babywise book and figured out his new schedule. We're working towards 2 longer naps a day (as opposed to about 4 shorter ones) and putting a little more time between feedings. It'll take a while to get him used to this, but he really seems to do well on these schedules once he figures out what's going on. This is the first day on the new schedule and except for waking up too early he's been right on track the rest of the day. Thankfully he's more interested in his surroundings than he used to be because I end up entertaining him for hours on end. He really enjoys watching the fish and anything moving outside (which is almost everything in Iowa thanks to that wind). He's also starting to enjoy books as long as I make lots of weird sound effects and he loves when his Dad rolls him around on the ground.

This new schedule puts a bit of a kink in my getting out of the house, but hopefully that's temporary. We've both noticed that Josiah is more aware of routines and figure we should actually get into a more predictable one. So no more leaving the house whenever I feel and just bringing him along for the ride (that pretty much kills his naps). I'll have to quit my Bible studies for now but I'll keep going to MOPS since it's only twice a month and I might go nuts if I didn't have any interaction with my friends except for Sunday. As one friend put it, that's why they call us 'stay at home' moms. I figure as he gets older and we get down to one nap a day I'll get some of my freedom back.

Well, he's down for his afternoon nap and I have some stuff to get done. Better go!


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